Qray braclets - anybody tried?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betty50victor, Mar 5, 2003.

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    My sis and I went to mall today to the "store that sells all the stuff you see for sale on T.V.". My sis was told by doc last week that she has sever tendionitis (sp?) and a few more problems. They put her on anti-inflamatory pills.
    They did not help at all.
    SO, today she bought one of those Qray braclets. Mind you, she could hardly move her right arm or shoulder w/o a lot of pain. Well, she put it on right away. Within about 5 minutes her arm and shoulder felt alot better. She said she felt kind of funny, stoned almost, but only lasted for about 15 mins. NOW, she can move arm and shoulder with NO pain or movement limitations at all. Even her left arm is feeling better.
    I emailed the Qray people and asked if they had any testimonials from people with fibro. I'm waiting for a reply. I just might go ahead and order one online since they're only 50 bucks. The tv is advertising for OVER $100 bucks.
    Just wondering if anyone had tried them.
    Hope it is okay to mention the name of the company and property on here.
    If anyone would like to email me personally with info. or post here I'd really like to hear if anyone had tried one.
    Wouldn't that be a kick-in-the-head if they actually worked for us with fibro/chronic pain, etc.........
    Betty in Lancaster
    P.S. They do lose their strength and have to purchase another one but don't know how long they actually work.
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    I just saw your post!
    My Bro/in/Law bought me one-
    I tried it...no good for Fibro.
    And yet, every one is different.

    Personally, I think it's all kinda Hokey!
    Kind of like a Placebo?
    And an expensive one!