QRIBb test for Lymes / Samento TOAfree Cats Claw

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    Has anyone used the Q-RIBb test for Lymes?
    I read it is very quick and accurate. Does it work for late stage Lymes which is deeper in the tissues?

    I have read that Samento TOA-free Cats Claw works great against Lymes Disease and coinfections. I am thinking of having my 20 yr. old daughter take it, but she has chronic nausea so I'm wondering if you get bad herxheimer reactions from it. It can be taken in drop or pill form.

    Thanks for your help!
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    If you decide to have your daughter take the samento go very slowly. Start with one drop and increase slowly. This is potent stuff and does cause herx reactions.

    I have never heard of the Q-RIBb test. Maybe someone else here has.

  3. Renae610

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    Here's one reference for the Q-RIBb test for anyone interested: Whitaker, J.A. "New test for identifying the morphing menace: Quantitative-Rapid Identification of Borrelia burgdorferi (Q-RIBb)" NutraNews/New Thinking, NewDiscoveries in Nutraceutical Research, October 2003, pp 8-11.

    I did not read that resource but googled Whitaker and found info. about the test. Sounds fascinating. Quick results. And it even counts the bugs you have!

    Thought to try Q-RIBb because my daughter sometimes doubts her diagnosis from Quest Lab and the EDS (electrodermal screening).


    My daughter has CFIDS, FM, nutritional deficiencies, Stage 3 chronic Lymes with two (babesia/Ehrlichia) bacterial coinfections, Leaky Gut, IBS, nausea, sleep disorder, CMV/HHV6A, allergies, etc. She is too sensitive to handle most drugs and supplements. Needs as gentle but effective approach as possible. Currently taking Colloidal Silver, O.L.E., Ambrotose, a homeopathic med., doing ion cleanses, etc. No herxes with this so far. Started Chlorella but I'm wondering if cleaning the colon is causing her memory to be worse so cutting back on dose.

    She did a one month round of Enliv'n (a frequency, energy pill for Lymes) by Eden Health Products, noticed no change, waited a while, and now start another round of it.
    If this isn't enough help, I'm thinking to go back to using the Prowave Model 101 again, and/or Samento. Sounds like slow and steady wins the race with Samento? I read that one person took it for 5 months and got her life back; is this too fantastic to believe? My daughter has been ill since early 1999, but didn't find Lymes til this year, so wish that Samento could be "the thing" to get her making some progress, because nothing else has reduced symptoms!!

    Before she became as hypersensitive as she is now, another doctor had wanted her to take Oil of Oregano and Oil of Rosemary for Lymes and Central Nerveous System. Could she take this now or does this produce herxheimers??? Anyone know? He said to mix them separate, and can take with food. Use a warm towel on stomach before taking oils and be in bright lights to stimulate the parasympathetic; take 2 drops diluted in water 3 - 5 times per day. Just thought I'd mention this if it can help anyone else here.

    I have considered having her do hyperbaric oxygen treatments, but the clinic said they've never seen late stage lymes cured with this, only earlier lymes.

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    I think Victoria's son has done some of the hyperbaric treatments or at least something like that. You can try do a search on that or start a new thread with the subject to see if you get some info.

    My doctor has me take Oil of Oregano for my candida. I have never heard of taking it for lyme. And Rosemary either. I wonder how taking them would work, if it would help.

    Good luck with your daughters treatment. I hope she finds relief soon.

  5. victoria

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    He did do HBOT for a while... was doing 2 sessions/day, 5X/week, for about a total of 22 treatments, at which point it got to be too much of a herx; he was also doing abx.

    HBOT can kill lyme and other co-infections, there is some speculation as to how deeply into tissue it really can go, tho. It can also be used to help detox from herxes, however.

    If you search the library here for 'HBOT lyme', you should pull up an article about one woman with lyme in NYC for whom abx didn't work, she bought a refurbished unit and uses it about an hour every day for about the past 5 years or so...

    She says it's made all the difference as she's been able to function and work since, altho when she had to quit for a month while it was sent off to be repaired, she definitely went quickly downhill. So it apparently was not killing it, but just holding it at bay.

    The Whitaker QRIBb test isn't being offered anymore I believe, the lab turned into/became Central Florida Research? lab, something like that, and they're doing flow cytometry(sp) tests, don't know how accurate it is tho. I'm disappointed, wish we could have one done on all of us...

    all the best,

  6. jess

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    Hi Renae, I started the toa free cats claw yesterday, just one drop in water. Oh my God, I was so sick after a few hours. I still can't believe it was from the one drop. I was so dizzy, nauseous, achy, hot feelings just awful. this morning I am a little better. I am too scared to take another drop today. I think maybe some of the symptoms are from the Gastroparesis I have. I can't eat much. On the positive side, I guess this might mean I really have Lyme disease. why else would I get a reaction? The bottle says hypoalllergenic. I guess this stuff really works. If your daughter takes it, the liquid is probably easier to control. I'll bet she does great with it especially since she is very young. Are you working with her Dr? See what he says about taking it. I always take alternative meds if I can. Good luck and I hope she feels better real soon, Jess
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    Thanks soooooo much for your replies, Molly, Victoria, and Jess!

    Wow, Jess, maybe 1/2 drop (if possible) of C.C. is enough for you and my daughter Carla! Since the HBOT tech said he can't cure late stage lymes, I'm stuck with trying these other methods that I mentioned here. Our wellness coach says to stay away from antibiotics because we're trying to heal Leaky Gut. Last night I bought Mastic Gum to kill h. pylori and L-Glutamine for more intestinal healing (not sure the Aloe in Ambrotose is doing enough for the gut).

    Anyone know?...Is it true that my daughter should not take probiotics or enzymes before her gut heals? I think Chlorella, Mastic Gum, and L-Glutamine could be adding flora...maybe we shouldn't do this.

    I was told that HBOT could cure the autonomic nerveous system-related IBS. So as soon as Carla's ear (allergy, infection crackling) clears up, I hope to get her in! That would be at the 15-25 ft level. If that goes well, he says the 55-60 ft level would kill her pathogens and cure FM.

    The EDS tech put some adrenal support in the homeopathic med. Dr. V. who diagnosed Carla with CFIDS, FM, Lymes and more, wanted her on bioidentical hormones too, but she is afraid of it. Not sure we're doing enough to cure the HPA axis. I hear that infomercial guy, Kevin Trudeau's weight loss book is about fixing the hypothalymus... Anyone read this? I see Khalyal's post about fixing it too...
    Carla and I both need help with HPA... not sure we're doing enough.

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  8. jess

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    Hi again Renae, Just wanted to let you know that mastic gum is not really an enzyme or probiotic. I have taken this on and off for years for H Pylori. It also kills yeasts from what I have heard. It comes from a tree whose name I can't remember now but it is only found in Greece. Anyway, what mastic does for me at least is allow me to eat without pain or nausea from the h pylori. I really feel better taking it. I thought I got rid of H pylori 5 years ago but I have gastritis again. HP is very often the cause of gastritis. I did do the antibiotic protocol 5 years ago. Mastic did help some symptoms though. I'm taking it again and my stomach has improved. My Gastro Dr. uses it for her patients too. Good luck hope your daughter feel better soon and you too, Jess
  9. Renae610

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    how are you doing? Are you still taking TOA-free Cat's Claw?
  10. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi Renae, I saw my Dr. and he is not sure that the strong reaction after taking cats claw was actually a herx. It may have been a flare from Gastroparesis which I now have.Anyway, his advice was to put one drop in 4 oz of water. Then only drink one oz of this mixed with 2 more oz of water. Slowly build back up to the whole one drop in 4 oz of water. He said I could also be allergic to it. I haven't started again because I am a coward. I was so sick and am feeling somewhat better now so I will wait till my husband is home. Just in case. He gave me some teasel which is supposed to kill Lyme too. His daughter took it and she is now negative for the co-infections. It is also one drop in water. Lady Barbara's Garden is a website that has some info on teasel. Good luck, I hope your daughter gets better soon, Jess
  11. Renae610

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    It's been a while, and I'm wondering how you're doing?
    How is Teasel working for you???? Thanks for telling me about it, as I might use it at some point for my daughter.

  12. jess

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    Hi Renae, I just wanted to let you know that I started cats claw again 2 weeks ago. I started with 1/4 drop for one week, then i used 1/2. I will up it to 3/4 this Thursday. I am doing very well on it with only very mild herx of slight headaches, achy and a little more tired. The herx is gone for now and believe it or not I notice some improvements. they are only slight but I do notice them. I have less muscle pain, sleep is a little better, stomach feels better too. I hope it continues as I increase. I also ordered the Japanese knotweed/ resveratrol (from Buhner protocol). I will add this in a few weeks.
    I think for me and maybe others the key is to go slow. I will also add the teasel at some point. Good luck, let me know how your daughter is doing and if you use cats claw. Jess
  13. Renae610

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    Good to hear you're noticing improvement!!!
    Soooo happy for you!!!!