Quacker Factory's Jeanne Bice Has Died

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Mikie

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    QVC mentioned that she had passed away at age 71 but there were no details. I just read online that she had uterine cancer. Her clothing was not my style but I had seen her on TV and you couldn't help but like her. She had such a bubbly and compelling personality. She had a huge following and I'm sure they are grieving her passing.

    Love, Mikie
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    I already read in addition to the uterine cancer, she first had a blood clot in her lung and through care for that discovered the cancer. She was an interesting person and clips of her were shown on the show "The Soup" and she even appeared on that program in person too I believe to accept one of their awards.
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for the additional info. I had a difficult time finding out much about her health. I think she didn't want it to become an issue. Also, she was always so bubbly and optimistic that she probably wasn't the kind to dwell on the negative. Her story of unlikely success is an amazing one and she was an inspiration to so many.

    Love, Mikie
  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    On Friday's The Soup episode, Joel McHale did a nice tribute to Jeanne Bice, including clips. At the end he said something like "now we'll look up at the sky at night and wonder if those stars are actually bedazzled ducks" [referencing the "quacking" she always did]
  5. Mikie

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    There was a woman on QVC named, Angel, who was supposed to take over selling Quacker Factory clothing. They said the company would continue.

    Monday will be nine years since I lost my Mom and I miss her every day.

    Love, Mikie
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    I didn't see it mentioned anywhere and it's really sad. I'm at least glad that daughter had such a great Mom. Sorry for your loss Mikie. My Mom is not allowed near me per the court because she had been purposely physically hurting me after I became disabled.
  7. kswebb

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    Mikie, I miss my Mom too. It was 13 years on 3/30/11. Your Mom would be so proud of you and the grace in which you live your life!

    Two Cats - that is horrible about your Mom.............I am sorry you had to endure that! My Father passed away last November. I hadn't seen or heard from him in over 30 years. Recently I got a copy of his 4 paragraph Will & Testament. One line reading that nothing goes to his 4 children as they wanted nothing to do with him in the past 25+ years! Really?????? was all I could think. He was the one that abandoned his family - never sent child support. Never called, never sent a note in the mail. Who was the adult? My therapist says that he was a classic narcissist...............

    Hugs to both of you!

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thank you both for being so kind. I send my prayers and condolences for your losses too. I believe there are many things in life which happen and change our lives forever. I cringe when I hear people say the word, "closure." It sounds as though we can just close a door like it never happened. While I do believe we have to grieve and then pick ourselves up and try to go on, we are never quite the same again.

    I think it is even worse when our parents are abusive or neglectful. We are harmed with no explanation, no apology--nothing. All we can do is believe that those who do not love us as we should be loved are not OK and it is not our doing but theirs. If they chose not to be part of our lives, it is their loss.

    I see so many here who contend with their illnesses with such grace and courage and they are generous too, always willing to help others. Many have also had great burdens personally. I have always maintained that each of us is a hero or heroine for what we have to endure. We may not have physical strength but we have strength of character and that is a blessing, a kind of silver lining. None of us would have chosen our illnesses but we look at the silver linings and live our lives based on the strengths we have acquired. That is all we can do.

    I pray for us all every day because so many of us deal with fatigue, pain, co-existing illnesses, relationship problems and financial ruin. I'll add the heartaches of family relationships to the list. My own biological father left me, as an infant, and my Mom when he returned from WWII. He left us for another woman with whom he had a family. He did pay child support but was never part of my life. I thought he was dead until I was an adult. Mom thought that would be easier for me than to know he didn't want us. I think she was right. He went on to have two sons but died before his first grandchild by one of them was born. He never knew the two beautiful daughters I have. Again, his loss. I am thankful that he, at least, paid child support to help my Mom out and I'm grateful that he gave me life. I have forgiven him for his weaknesses because not to forgive would just hurt me.

    Just to show y'all how humor can come from tragedy, my Mom went on to marry my biological father's brother, my biological uncle, later in life after his wife had been dead quite a while. It was a whirlwind romance in her 70's. Unfortunately, he died only 3 1/2 yrs. after they married. The humor part is that I'm my own cousin! Everyone who hears about it thinks it is hysterical. I always say, "Well, this is the South but I don't sit on the porch playing 'Dueling Banjos.' My cousins are my stepbrothers and stepsister and my stepbrothers and stepsister are my cousins.

    Out of the worst times can come humor, another strength we acquire. Humor has helped me and my girls to get through the heatrache of my divorce and the breakup of our family base. I've been single 25 yrs., but the pain never completely goes away and the girls still struggle with it, especially at the holidays. My own husband left us for another woman, deja vu. He regrets it every day but is married to her and I would never take him back. Again, I have forgiven him but it's a fragile wound and will likely never heal completely. I stay on civil, even somewhat friendly, terms with him for the sake of the children.

    So, for all of my friends here, kudos to you all for what you have endured and continue to endure. Our illnesses, and sometimes our lives, are not for the faint of heart.

    Love, Mikie