Quackwatch: What Is FM?

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    I thought this to be an informative summary of FM:


    To read this one has to click cached.

    Another site I've read is that one MUST give up perfectionism and embrace Acceptance.... For me, the trigger was an emotional trauma in 1999 and this trigger is mentioned here. Here is that statement:

    Fibromyalgia develops when a 'triggering incident' throws the body's system off track.

    I believe strongly that HypoT could be a major factor with this Fibro stuff.....When I saw Dr. Amand for HypoT which I suspected for YEARS, he said no your thryoid is fine but you have FM.....I didn't believe that....he didn't even do labs, touched around my throat and said "you have FM".....grrrrrrr

    The trauma I went thru didn't HAPPEN until after this visit with Amand....Thinking NOW, if my thyroid was in better condition, that trauma perhaps would NOT affected me like it did.....ummmmmmmm

    Then years later, for me, the hip replacement 3 yrs ago really made a mess of my body.

    I deal with OA beginning when I was 18 and now 75.

    I never took any of the drugs suggested for FM.

    It's all history, and I have accepted what I deal with and am NOT a perfectionist. jam

    PS: It is said that Fibro is a form of rheumatism.....rheumatism has been around since day 1, Fibro was given it's name in the early 80's I believe.....
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