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    Hi everybody,
    any and all responses would be very appreciated. I am 42 year old female diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 9 years ago. I was under the care of a rheumatologist and 4 1/2 years ago I moved. I am going to get a new Rheumatologist and see them in about 5 weeks. I have not worked since may 2000. I contacted a disability lawyer to see if I might qualify for disability. I have fibromyalgia, Irritable bowel, depression, and intense pain every single day. I HONESTLY do not even see how I could possible hold a job down right now, half the time I cannot rememer where I Parked my car, I can hardly manage my home and family. What do you guys think, do I stand a chance? any information greatfully recieved, I never filled out a social security disabiltiy form before, and never wanted to go this route.The person I spoke to at the lawyers office said I need a doctors letter stating I am unable to do any work,that is the first step.

    Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read
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    Hi Helen, welcome to the board. I cannot help you the disability, but we have many others here who will be glad to share their experiences with you, and help you along with what you will need to do in order to get approved.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and hope your approval is soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi Helen,

    I too am in the same boat. I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I cannot hold down a job due to this debilitating disease. I have been suffering since, Feb 2001, I was on short term disability went back to work but it killed me. I popped about 9 lortabs a day just to survive. I have extreme muscle pain along with the other symptoms, extreme fatigue, killer headaches,vertigo, trouble concentrating and forgetfulness. What really frosts me is that when people say you look great. They have noidea how we feel . Constant pain and no sleep is no life. I am too afraid that I will be denied, I have been treating with my PcP but I went to about 7 or 8 specialists who told me what I didn't have. I wish I could work with all my heart but I am like you having to finally start the journey and get approved for ssi/disability. I wish you much luck and hope we both get approved without having to go through hell,I find though nothing is easy in this life and you really have to fight to get what you want .

    Good Luck,

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    Hi Helen
    I think you are my twin everything you said about yourself it sounds like me!Well Helen I go for SSI July 2 and I will be happy to let you know what happens.The thing is its my second time applying but the first time the judge was really nice he told me to start over because I didn't have enough information and when he gave me my folder back to me he wrote on there see a psychiatist.He was very nice and straight up he said if he had to make a decision now with what I had at that time I would have been turn down.So I am hoping I get the same judge because he wants more medical records I got them all dating from 1992 I would bet he is still reading them,lol,lol and did go to a psychiatist So we well see what happens. I will post when I go and let you guys know the out come.
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    SSI (supplementary social income)

    I am 24 and I have been dignoised with Fibro and chronic fatigue and depression. They final decided what it was in sept 2002 and I had to quit because I can not stand or sit for very long with out hurting. My doctor but on my papers that I would have to have a job that I could only work a couple hours a day. I have put in for ssi and I have a lawyer that is going to do everything for me now.

    GOOD luck to you. I would go for it, it is very worth it. The lawyer that i have only gets paid of I win the case and at that it is 25f my BACK PAY.