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    For those of you that have chosen to take pain medication. I fought it until I could stand no more.
    I now take Darvocet to improve my life.
    If you had to choose between being so sick you could not get out of bed or feeling a little better because you have to take them but some of the doctors looking funny at you, thinking I am here just to get medication or at least I feel that sometimes this appears to be.I have never been one to abuse anything yet they seem to say this is so addictive, well what should I do?
    I am at a crossroads here and I would really like for some of you just to let me know are the pain medication helping you and if you have chosen not to take them and how did you come to that decision??
    Thank so much and
    Faith This Texas heat is terrible 103 today :(
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    I would say that if the pain meds give you a quality of life TAKE THEM, heck with the addiction. I can relate to what you are saying as I drove myself into a tissy to take or not to take. I have CFS maybe FM but I don't suffer with the pain like most FM suffers, I have body aches , off balance, crazy head feelings and days I can't get out of bed , also a lot of anxiety/depression, with all that said I found Xanax helped me so much but I would take a little or try not to take.

    Then one day it hit me, if the darn meds help take them don't think about addiction until the time comes and we may be on medicine the rest of our lives but so what its the Quality that counts.

    You did not aks for this pain, so if there is something that helps take it. A phamacist once told me its hard on the body to be in pain and quality of life is more important.. Just my 2 cents worth..and I am med phobic but as my illness takes over my life I am getting to the point of trying anything.

    I chose to take and not worry about it if the meds will help my day be somewhat better.

    Sorry, you have to suffer this DD is miserable and so many don't undersand or have a clue what we go through.

    God BLess,
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    ...pain meds. I have FM, and to not take pain medication for me means that I can't function.

    I take the medication because it does increase my quality of life. I do it for my family too. Everyone in the home suffers when I'm bedridden, writhing and crying in pain.

    I take my thyroid medication every day too for the same reason: it helps me function and increases my quality of life. I don't see how this is much different than taking the pain medication.

    My body is dependent on the thyroid medication and probably the pain medication as well. Dependence is different than addiction, though.

    Until I can find a "cure" for this pain, I'm going to take the medication when I need it, when it betters my life and the lives of those who live with me and love me.

    My penny's worth of thought on the subject =]

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    Faith.... quality of life is so much more important to me than addiction. we take lots of Meds that are addictive.. and you need to ween off them ... like Lyrica.. you can't just stop taking this ...it will make you very very Ill... if you do.... so whats the Difference regarding pain Meds.... none in my mind or my Doc's mind...
    I have to say ... without the pain Meds.. I would have had to quit work last year and most likely be bed ridden right now.. my pain is just to sever. My doc's say quility of life is important.. and if you take your meds the way they are supost to then you really don't have anything to worry about.. you may need to ween off . but I'm sure most of us take lots of meds we would have to do that with ..... like our fellow poster said .. there is a big Difference between addiction and dependency . , try google cronic pain and there are web sites that explain this ..
    Darvocet is not a major stong med so really you should be ok.. I just tried the oxycodine , longer lasting Med. kinda along the lines of the Perc I already take... sad to say .. they did not work for me though. I was hoping.
    never let anybody tell you its wrong to take pain Meds.. really its better than being bed ridden Right ? ... how long could we live if we where in so much pain all we could do is stay in bed and cry... thats not a life I care to live...
    just my thoughts on it... I wish you only the best my dear...

    In Phoenix today... its hot to... I never look once it gets up to 100 .... LOL.....

    Take care my dear.... Huggles...
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    Wow it's hot there. Is that normal for y'all?

    I agree with all those here who say take the pain meds. I would take them if I could. That would be a tremendous help to me as it's the pain that really stops me in my tracks and keeps me bedridden. I can push through the other symptoms but my pain literally won't let me and gets worse if I push myself.

    I don't take pain meds because I have severe bad reactions to them. This is common with CFS.

    I don't think you need to worry about addiction. I can't recall now what I read but a doctor made a very good point about how an addiction is completely different than someone who is treating their pain. I hope pain meds work for you if you try them.


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    My vote is to take them. If it means I can do something,bring it on.

    Problem now is its getting harder to get docs to prescribe. They are all so worried about abuse. sucks for us.

    It does your body more damage to fight pain all the time.

    stay in the air conditioning!
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    Honestly.. What does "addiction" matter if you will need the drug forever anyway? I know that's a sad reality.. but, it's just that.. A reality. I have been trying to deal with fibro on my own for years now and it's gotten so bad that I'm going to to to the UW Pain Center and hopefully get some relief - whatever the measure may be. I walk often and do a lot of exercises on my Wii Fit.. Exercise isn't helping. I can handle part of the pain, but I have a 14 month old son and when the pain gets so bad I nearly can't make it to the bathroom when I wake up it would be real nice to have a prescription for something I can take to ease it. I don't ask that it completely go away... just lessen.

    My Mom used to say (referring to migraine or any other pain - she had fibro, too) "I'd eat *expletive* if it would get rid of this pain!" Thank God there are medications we can take instead of eating poo-poo. lol.

    I apologize if this is all a bit jumbled together.. I'm on overload and can't make sense of even my own writing! lol.
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    I am new to this board and boy am I relieved to find support. I take prescription medications, Cymbalta, Zanaflex at bedtime, darvocet, vitamin D supplement. I also take the probiotic Align.
    I use to take Ultram which was my miracle pain medication. But I recently started having trouble breathing and anxiety attacks after taking it. My pain mgt dr said it was not a common side affect but enough for him to say I could not take it anymore.
    Today I suffer greatly as I live in KS and the storms are killing me!! I've been in bed all day and crying. I was diagnosed with FM in february of this year.

    Thanks for the responses!! it really helps!