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    Awhile ago someone posted a link to a panel of tests specifically for CFS from Quest Labs. I can't find the original post but I did get a link from that post to the CFS panel and then found there are actually two panels, with several overlapping tests. See Fatigue Syndrome Panel III


    I saw a new doctor yesterday who lives in my area who agreed to order these for me! I know they will not be new for many of you, but I've never had them done. My regular CFS doctor is 2 hours away and I think this new doctor may be a very good resource for close to home. I got his name as a provider who uses compounded progesterone cream from Women's International Pharmacy.

    So I just had blood drawn today and go back to get the results in two weeks. Even if the results show abnormalities, I don't know if there's anything that can be done, but at least it will be more information.

    To have my doctor order the tests, I printed out the two sheets from Quest at the links above and then I highlighted which tests were different on one panel, as again several of them overlapped with the other, and he ordered all of the tests.

    He's also upping my dose of Naturethroid from 120 mg. to 150 with a retest in 6 weeks.

    Thanks again to whoever did the original post which I cannot find, which told about these tests!

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    I just don't know. I just started the higher dose of thyroid today (from 120 mg. to 150 mg.) He'll retest in 6 weeks.

    So I don't think this is a factor. I don't think low thyroid would cause my BP to go up and also increase my energy at the same time - it's a little bizarre! It may have something to do with adrenaline I'm thinking, but again don't have any idea why things would change - I started taking brewer's yeast, but that seems an unlikely culprit.

    Thanks for the input though :) Maybe the lab work will give me some clues -


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    I am confused. I didn't think there was a lab test specifically for diagnosing CFS per se. Am I missing something recent? Thanks for any replies.

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    I posted the info about the testing....Well, I went two hours away last week to get these test myself...and the Quest Lab that I went to was no longer, I unfortunately was unable to get these testing done. Should have called to set up an appointment.

    But in 2006 I did have some of the viral infection testing done.....and tested positive for most of the viruses......The doctor that ordered these test put me on transfer factors and an anti viral medicine.....but, because the doctor was six hours from my house, and did not take any insurance, I could not afford to continue with him.....

    Fortunately for me, my husbands income has increased considerably for me since 2006, and I have an appointment on the 18th with a CFS doctor.....he will probably want to do these test on me........

    I have been reading up on Dr. David Berg hypercoagulation and CFS....and am finding it very going to discuss this with the doctor I am seeing.......If you are like me, you are praying that something does show up in your blood work......Get so tired of routine doctors doing routine bloodwork.

    Hopefully, you will get some help and relief from this disease. Have you read anything about David Berg and his theories on hypercoagulation and the viruses? Honestly, we seem to have to become our own doctors and researchers.

    Praying for you and wishing you the very best. I hope that the info I gave helps someone.

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    There is not a test specifically for diagnosing CFS, as far as I know. These are tests for viruses and also immune problems, things people with CFS tend to have. If you follow the links I posted above, you can see exactly what the tests are all about.

    I did have blood drawn last week and will get the results the end of next week. There are two different panels - there are some tests on both panels and a few that aren't, and I'm pretty sure my doctor ordered all of them. I've never had any of these tests done before, and am figuring even if some are abnormal, I don't know if there's anything that can be done. I just want the information.

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    I've been sick and off the board, finally getting back.

    Thank you for your prayers and good wishes!

    I have heard about hypercoagulation before and don't think that's one of my problems. My doctor tested me for this several years ago and it was negative. But I agree - we have become our own doctors and researchers, no question about it! If we're lucky, we have doctors who will listen to us.

    I did see a new doctor last week and he did order all the tests. I posted elsewhere that even if they find abnormalities, I don't have any great hope that there will be anything that can be done, but it will be good to have the information. I'm especially interested to find out what my killer cell count will be as my immune system is definitely not up to par.

    You may notice that I posted two links above - thanks to your original post, I found a second CFS panel. I printed both panels out and compared them, they have overlapping tests and then a few different ones. So I highlighted the different tests for my doctor. Anyways, he ordered all of them.

    I'm so glad you can now see a CFS doctor! I hope he orders these for you. Best wishes and keep us posted -

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    I had most of those tests done 17 years ago when I first got sick with CFS. I thought the way you stated it in your initial post that there was THE test for determining a CFS diagnosis. Hope the tests you have done help you to at least feel better or help your mind set. It's good to weed out what you do and don't have, I will say that.

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    I can see how my wording was confusing - I did say a test for CFS, didn't mean to -- I'm especially interested in my killer cell count as my immune system definitely seems to be compromised - will see!