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  1. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Hi all x as you may of seen the doc prescribed me a low dose of amitrypiline sorry if l spelt that wrong...lm abit scared to take it its only 10mcgs has anyone halfed it and taking it? I would rather try it as a half dose lol so l dont het any surprises!!!! Just a thought any help here please? Thank you x
  2. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    I started off on a small dose and never went up. I am now off of it. It really dragged me down in the a.m.

    But it is worth a try!
  3. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Thanks for the reply Paws x nice to meet you too!! Did you half your dose? the doc said it might make me groggy on a morning that wouldnt be much different to how l feel now lol
  4. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    They did this to me when I first had symptoms of FM. I seem to remember it is more of an anti depression thing or nerve pill type of med.

    Basically I felt that they were saying it was all in my head. It did nothing but make me tired and want to sleep.

    I won't take it anymore.
  5. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    it is an anti depressant but its a sedative to help with sleep and to help with the pain. I really really want to try it but l seem to be really sensitive and on top the pile of wierd symptoms lm experiencing at the moment l dont want some new symptoms popping up after taking it! Im scared of having bad reaction l guess that why l was wondering if anyone has actually halfed the 10mcg dose and just took the 5mcg to see what its like. I prefer to do a little at at time. I know the 10 is a small dose but l want to know if l half that dose l wont be mucking the tablet up by breaking it open. Sorry if lm not explaining myself well :( x
  6. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Thank you for your reassurance x I will start them Monday night. Its my birthday Sunday and lve treated myself to a night in a cozy hotel to just relaxI wn not to far from home.I dont want to feel worse I do now so will try then thanks again xxx
  7. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I tried this about a year ago. I got some bad side effects from it so I stopped taking it after a couple of weeks.

    However, I have a friend that has been on it for years and years with no problems or side effects at all. It helps him relax and sleep.
  8. SerenityPheonix

    SerenityPheonix New Member

    I was given ami for the restless leg symdrome due to fibro. I only take 5mcg,but it doesnt seem to be helping the leg thing least not this dos. I also make sure to take it at 8 pm every night and have not experienced any dragginess come morning. You need to make sure and take any med that induces sleep with enough hours to ware off by morning. I allow any sleep inducing meds at least nien hours and that seems to work for me. My 17 yr old daughter also takes it(for migraines and sleep) and in the same way. We find that if we take it too late then it does cause some dragginess in the mornings, Hope I was of some help to ya....
  9. becc

    becc New Member

    Generally, the lower the dose, the better it works for people with ME (maybe the same with FM, too).

    I had very severe insomnia for years and was prescribed 5mg amitriptyline to help with sleep. I took it for a few nights but couldn't keep going with it - if I had to get up in the middle of the night, I could barely open my eyes and kept losing my balance.

    I know some people have a lot of success with it, though.

    Good luck!
  10. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Thanks all x l really appreciate the replys x l feel abit more confident about taking it now and l will Moday night...l was wary with reading the side effect leaflet lol and anything that mentions it can cause heart 'things' lm like omg! I get palpatations as it is!! Also the fact l take thyroxine and it mentions something about people with thyroid conditions!! I got my rheumy appnt. this morning for the 29th Sept so not to long a wait :)Thanks again all you have helpe me xxx Have a nice day x
  11. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    I have been on Amiltryptaline for about 2 years. Started out taking 10 to 20 mgs at night. I really don't notice much difference. My neuro doc upped it to 50 mg at night. He said that 75mg is the theraputic dose. I have an apt with him in a few weeks and I think he will up it again. It is my understanding that we arn't supposed to start or stop taking it quickly. We have to build up the dose as well as build down. I have not had any problem with ami. I also take 120mg of Cymbalta a day for FM and depression, the same reason I take ami. I hope this helps. If you want you can always call your pharmacist and ask questions. The pharmaists have always been so nice to me. They will usually take the time to discuss fears when most drs don't have the time.

    Soft hugs,
  12. my sister in law swears by amitrypiline. She says she sleeps so good now at night and her hips dont hurt anymore. She also now says she has fibro.?
  13. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    It is the first med my doc put me on when I was dx'd. I was on 25mg. It helped with the pain the first night but I was so hung over the next day that I had to cut it in half for at least a week or 2. Then I was off it for about a year and a half while I was in "remission", then the doc put me on it again.

    The same thing happened since I had forgotten about the hung over feeling but again the pain was much less the next day. This month the week before my period I was in so much pain that I tried taking one and half (I had worked up to a whole pill and had some extra since I had cut it in half for quite awhile in the beginning). I went back to the doctor who gave me 180 pills at a time with instructions to take 1 1/2 to 2 pills. He said if I am consistantly taking 2 when this script runs out, he will give me 50mg next time.

    It is an option worth exploring to keep from having to take more pain meds. What the doctor said is that this med works on neuropathy, or nerve pain, and is used for diabetics also. You do have to taper off it though. My doc told me I could stop cold turkey if I wanted, but it gave me such bad anxiety that I had to cut it in half for awhile and then in quarters until I could stop.
  14. behooved

    behooved New Member

    I just started amitriptyline a couple weeks ago, in a long attempt to find something that would actually help me get deeper sleep at night. It has been great for me so far. I'm sleeping much deeper and as a result feeling a bit more energized and in less pain the next day. I'm nowhere near cured, but it has definitely helped with some of my symptoms.

    I'm just taking 10mg as I'm trying to slowly wean off lorazepam (I had been on it for a year and it wasn't doing me any good anymore). Once I get off the lorazepam completely I'll probably bring my dose of amitryp. up to 20-25mg.

    The only side effects for me have been dry mouth and feeling really drowsy in the morning. Sometimes it takes an hour to get out of bed because I'm in such a stupor. Once I actually force myself out though I feel ok and the hangover fades after about 10 minutes.

    I'm really sensitive to meds and have had a bad reaction to every antidepressant I've tried except this one. Hope that info helps. :)
  15. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Thanks guys x well my trip didnt go as planned, woke up ill stayed in bed till after lunch time and pulled myself together and went...after the surprise of been giving an upgrade for no extra cost to a suite!!!! Cos they never had a bed made up for my daughter after we had a meal l got up to move and couldnt!!! The pains in the top of my back and lower back were horrendous :( the pain was coming round to my stomach :( l think l have spine damage somewhere l had to lie on hot water bottles for the rest of the evening scared to move! I am starting the amytrip tonight lm wary but lm goimng to take it. I think l need to see the doc again cos l think l might have nerve damage as my legs with the back pain are full of pins and needles and aches. Sorry l cant stay on long sitting does not help at all. But l am really grateful for your replys cos it has helped me. I ahte taking pills sometimes l think the side effects are when lm able lm afraid its flat to the bed for me for now :( Take care all xx
  16. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I took it for years (for depression)

    I am very very sensitive to meds

    The only problems I remember is morning grogginess (big time) and constipation

    I took up to 50 mg, but when I tried amitri again (few years ago, I think I took like 5 mg

    If you are sensitive to meds, talk to your doc about a small small dose - ask if you can split the pill - or talk to your pharmacist
  17. cordy250

    cordy250 Member

    It was a godsend to me when I had shingles. I only took a pediatric dose (10 mgs) and it worked wonders on the nerve pain.

    Other than that it didn't do much for me, though.
  18. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    think l shouldnt of split it though cos it done nothing hadmy worst night ever in pain and woke up all night long. lm lyin in bed typin this so excuse the texts will be taking an unsplit dose tonight lm back on the diclofenac too rang doc last night as l was in agony thanks for the replys will update when able xxx

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