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  1. LouiseO

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    I really think I have it I looked it up with the computer. My mood swings are getting bad. I have had them since at least 10 years now. I just wanted to see if any one hd any input on this. I go to my head doctor tomorrow. And input will be nice.
    Thank you, Louise xoxoxoxoxo
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    As you have said its all about mood swings, I used to have a day or 2 being very manic (can do anything, run around like a chicken without a head, happy as a clam). The downside of being manic is that you tend to make bad decisions and be vey impulsive. This would be followed by a long period of depression. To treat this I was given Lithium and Elavil. This was 15 years ago and I slowly weaned myself off of these meds and seem to be able to handle it OK now.

    God Bless
  3. LouiseO

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    Thank you ever so much. I will let you know what the doctor says tomorrow.
    Luv Ya, Louise xoxoxoxo
  4. klutzo

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    As a Psychiatric Social Worker and long time Fibro sufferer (almost 18 yrs.), I hope you will not accept a diagnosis of bipolar disorder until you have had ALL of your hormone levels thoroughly checked out by an alternative, holistic M.D. I know from personal experience that many of our mood swings with this illness are due to wildly fluctuating hormone levels, and can be physically treated, not just covered up with psychoactive meds.
    If you turn out to be bipolar anyway, you can still get treatment for it, but you will have left no stone unturned before accepting that dx. "Head doctors" usually know little about Fibro, and I hate to say this about my former profession, but if you go to a "head doctor" you will almost always come away with some sort of diagnosis. You did not say if you had the "bipolar disorder" diagnosis long before you got FMS or after the FMS. If you were already having the mood swings before, just ignore me, but if not, please make sure physical things are ruled out first, by a doctor who understands that "low normal" results may be abnormal for some people.
    Best of luck to you,
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    Hello. I have a masters degree in mental health and know that many mental health professionals love to diagnose people with this disorder. Make sure you go to a good doctor and like another post said, there are many other reasons for mood swings. Some bipolar meds have many side effects, so make sure you do your research before accepting any of them. Also, there is a disorder called dysthymia. I have been out of school a while, so this may not be the correct spelling, but it is similar to bipolar, just not as debilitating. May you find the answers you are looking for...Have a blessed day!
  6. klutzo

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    Yes! This is a chronic, low-grade form of depression which fits right in with the secondary type of depression that often goes with Fibro.
    It can take the form of irritability, not just the melancholy that most associate with depression. But, unless my schooling is out of date (and it may be), dysthymia should not cause the euphoria, impulsiveness, attention seeking behavior, or fast speech that are some of the usual mania symptoms.
    Did you mean to say cyclothymia? That is a faster cycling, much milder form of bipolar disorder.
    Thank you for agreeing that she should get a second opinion. This "it's all in your head" stuff should be the LAST dx after all else has been eliminated, not the first.

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  7. klutzo

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    Catecholamines are a major player in the mood problems that Fibro people have, IMO. Make sure they check them and make sure it's a holistic doctor, otherwise they will just run an NEP panel, and not do an ASI test, which is one thing you really need to do.
    Thyroid is also a major player, and most docs do not realize that the normal range has been dropped almost to half of what it used to be, so make sure you get a copy of your thyroid test results, and if your TSH is below 3.0, and they won't treat you, go somewhere else!
  8. LouiseO

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    I had my hormones check a few months back and they were normal. Plus I have had the bad mood swings for a long time I'm talking about since childhood. I'm 42 now.
    Thank each and every one of you for your input. I has helped so very much.
    Luv Ya, Louise oxoxox