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    I have had all kinds of blood tests done and they all come back "normal" except for a positive ANA. I'm wondering if the reason everything comes back normal is because of the medication I take. I have every symptom of lupus but the tests are negative.

    I currently take the following:
    Phenergan 25mg--4x's
    Norco 10/325---4x's
    Ibuprofen 600---4x's
    Lasix 40mg--1x
    Benadryl 100mg at bed
    Doxycycline 100mg---1x's
    Colace 200mg at bed
    baby asprin---1x
    Robaxin 750mg---4x's

    I am thinking of asking my doctor if I can stop everything for a week or so and then redo all the blood tests. Do you think it might make a difference?

    Do you think 1 week is long enough to get the meds out of my system? I'm not sure if I can handle it longer than that?

    I would love to get your thoughts and opinions on this.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer. What do you mean by gentle liver support?

    Still looking for more input

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    I too have all lupus symptoms and test negative. My ANA is often very high but doc says that is due to Hashimotos.

    Anti inflamatory meds can really affect blood work as can the nurse taking it. They are only meant to keep the elastic on for 45 seconds to find your vein then release it.

    Good nurses can get the vein without the elastic. Bad nurses leave it on the whole time they are drawing blood.

    AARP mag did a big expose on this about a year or so ago.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    The ANA just shows an auto-immune problem. There are other tests that are more specific for Lupus such as dsDNA. If that one is positive you definitely have the disease. I was very high on both tests as well as the Cardiolipin (blood clotting), and my sed rate was high. All these combined gave a very definite diagnosis of Lupus. However, some people actually have to have biopsies done to get their diagnosis. Please check out the Lupus forum. You may find some answers there. Have a good night!
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    What is the ana titer?
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    Hello, Regarding testing. i just recieved back tests and they read
    Sed rate 28 positive Ana titer Pos 160 epstein bar positive >5 and rheumatoid factor 10 iu/ml

    Doing further testing ahead. What diagnosis can possibly be considered here with symptoms of severe exaustion, unable to work, severe muscle pain all over, poor cognitive skills, trouble sleeping, feet hurt real bad, sweeting at night...drenched sometimes, like bottom of feet are on fire feels like like i was walking on burning coals, concentration poor. Already diagnosed with tmj. is epstein bar lab used to help diagnose cfs?? appreciate anyones opinion and help! Thanks so much Kathleen
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    there aren't usually many mainstream tests that come back positive in CFS.

    some of them are (and not in every case):

    ESR (very low)
    CD4/CD8 ratio (high)
    cholesterol (high)
    Homocysteine (high)
    IGG subclasses 1-4 (low)
    Natural Killer cell function (low)

    there are others i can't think of now.

    also, it might be worth getting an MRI of the brain.

    there is another test called a SPECT scan which also show problems in CFS, but most DRs either don't know about this test or just don't use it.

    you probably would need to go to a specialist.

    also you might want to look into Lyme. to do that go to:

    sorry for my lack of organization. any questions just ask.


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    Thanks to everyone for your replies