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    I just got the results of my EMG last week. I definitely have carpal tunnel syndrome. My rheumy said I should make an appointment with a hand surgeon. My appt. is on April 8th. I'm wearing the hand splints now. But I'm not sure I want surgery. I have it on both hands, but the left hand is the worst. It's very painful and starting to go numb and feel stiff. Has anyone had the surgery? Did it help? Is there anything else they can do besides surgery? Thanks to all who reply!!!!

  2. KayL

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    There has been some discussion here on ART therapy, forget what it stands for.....something release therapy.....

    I have it in both hands but just have a lot of pain, don't have the numbness and tingling, unless I am sleeping on my back, which is too uncomfortable for me to do anyways.

    I am (at this point, anyway) refusing to have surgery. I had 6 surgeries in 10 years and am not anxious to have any more. My sister had the surgery 2 years ago, and within 6 months she was having the same problems again.

    I wear rigid braces at night when I sleep, and have another one I wear on my left hand during the day at work.

    I would look into options other than surgery.

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    I am scheduled for surgery for carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel on my left arm May 9th.The cupital tunnel is the same as carpal tunnel except in the elbow.I have numbness but no pain from the carpal.The cubital has caused me to lose most of the strength in my hand.If I understood the Dr. right,the surgery for carpal is releasing the nerve,for cubital is moving the nerve.Both together will take about 30 minutes,so it's minor surgery.Hopeing I will get some of the strength back after surgery.Someone here has probably had it done and can tell you how it is after surgery. bejo
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    He is our ART specialist. I would definitely go for the less intrusive procedure first. Surgery isn't always successful.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Ann57

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    you could maybe try a chropracter, it helped me
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    and had carpal tunnel so bad in both wrists I laid awake all night in pain.After I had the test showing I had it, his recommendation was "get a plastic surgeon to do it, he'll do a nice job." I told my family doctor and he sent me to a plastic surgeon, I begged for surgery asap cuz of the pain, he did the left and then month later the right. Right after the surgery,
    you're awake but don't feel anything, that particular wrist being operated on felt better and has ever since. Stitches come out in 10 days by your family doctor's nurse. When stitches are out, rub baby oil on it for a few days to help the holes heal up.

    My advice is get the surgery, there is instant relief.

    ps. by the second surgery I watched him through it all. Very interesting.

    Why suffer? Regards, basket21
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    Thanks for all of your input. I started wearing the brace at night and it helps. However, being a secretary and typing all day doesn't help. I'm interested to see what the doctor says. I'm going to keep an open mind. Surgery is still the last resort.