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    Hi, I am from the Fibro board, but my doc at FFC recently checked my CD57 levels. Called yesterday, said they are very low and this indicates Chronic Lyme. I've been sick, REALLY sick, for 25 years, done it all. Never can get rid of weakness, neurological stuff, even if I am able to address a lot of my other symptoms. I have had about 6 or more Lyme tests over the years, always negative. He keeps wanting to do the Igenex, I just never have the money to do it.

    I did a search here on CD57 and didn't come with anything. Years ago, I had a lot of sinus infections and when I would go on antibiotics, like Z-pak, doxy or Biaxin, I would feel better. Last 6 or 7 years, I don't get those sinus infections so have not been on those types of antibiotics. I am currently having have a series of Urinary infections, usually bladder, which I treat with Macrodantin or Macrobid. No obvious side effects. NOW, since January, have had kidney infections which culture as Strept. For this I take Amoxicillan. When I am taking this, I am getting really sick, toxic feeling. Doesn't help my weakness or neurological symptoms though.

    Does this CD57 test mean anything? Seems odd I don't anything when I do a search here. Thanks.

    Oh, and I took Cholestyramine (Questran) a few years ago, and got REALLY sick, and the only people who should get that sick, are Lyme patients.

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    Yes, the CD-57 does mean something!! If it's low, it indicates lyme. That plus everything else you've said says lyme!

    Please consider treatment. After 14 years of "CFS" I am now being treated for lyme and am getting better! It can be difficult to treat, but many people recover!

    Good luck to you!
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    My Doc says if your 57 is low you either have Lyme or AIDS...I'm sure you don't have the latter and not trying to scare anyone but this is his experience from seeing many patients with both deleterious diseases