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    I have a question of if any of y'all know if Neurofibromatosis can be related to CFS in some way. I tried to research and could not find what I wanted. I looked at a CFS website and I have some things but not all. I have been always tired, not feeling rested, since I was 16. I am now 29. Before kids I was told it was in my head now that I have kids I was told it was the job of being a mom and to get over it. I am scared to go to the doctor because I fear they will say what I have heard nearly half my life. It's in your head, you need to excersice, you need to do this or that. I work only 18 hours a week and it kills me. My job is not hard at all. I also for about 5 mos now have had joint pain in my ankels. I don't know if this is related to NF or that I may have CFS or something else that could cause this low energy level and sleep trouble.

    If anyone has any thoughts please let me know, even if you don't know about NF maybe moral support and a good kick in the you know what to get me to the doc.
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    Hello. it very well could be cfs. If I was you i would research the symptoms, write down all that you have and take that list to a doctor. They shouldn't be blowing you off about this. in my opinion they should be doing blood tests and eliminating the more serious things. The way i think of it is, each time we go into the doctores office, we are paying them a boaatload of money, so we should be getting our moneys worth. be aggresive! You deserve the right doctors care who will listen to your symptoms carefully and do tests. You should look at the good doctores list on this website, it might be of help. You deserve the right kind of doctores care. Hope i was of some help. :) peace..ZOe
    P.S welcome to this wonderful beyond wonderful board!!!! :)
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    I have M.E/CFS i'm in the UK and they call it ME here in USA they call it CFS, CFS and Fibromialgia the symptoms are very much the same so it could be either of these i get terrible pains in my ankles,as well as every other joint and muscle i think you need to write down the symptoms go to your doctor and say i have had these symptoms since i was 16 and they are getting worse i need some tests to see what it is and go from there, hopefully the doctor will do the tests for you, it took me 5 years going from doctor to Rumatoigist to consultant to doctor and so on and so on i have asthma and all i got from my mum and dad is if you loose weight your breathing wont be so bad and your legs wont hurt and i have had this for years now,even now they no there is a reason for the pain ME my mum still says if you loose weight you will feel better my mum has some sort of obsession with weight if you dont look like a stick insect your to fat any way she's moved to spain now so i dont have to talk to her much sorry for sounding off but it is so frustrating that other people dont believe you, and when its your family its hard to deal with, dont be afraid to go to the doctors as you have the right to your opinion and if you dont want to go to that doctor go to a diffrent one who told you its all in your head,they havent had to live with the tired ness
    good luck keep us posted what the doctor says
    (((((((big hugs))))))))
    from the UK
    love from Loopyloo
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    I know how you feel. I have neice that when she was 8 or 9 thought she was fat and was so skinny it was unreal. People do put too much on weight. I have even been told to work out to help with my always being tired. My fiancee and I had a argument just yesterday about me always being tired. He said he agreed with what I was told years ago about it being in my head. I just wish he understood. He is an only child and was always sick growning up so he of all people should understand. He was born and raised that women do everything for you no matter how they feel. I am trying to "beat" that outta I am going to try to call the doc today or tomorrow. I hope they will see me. I have never been to the office but I have state provided insurance and they assigned me to him.