Question about cleansing my "system".

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    I've recently decided to go "no sugar, low carb" as a lifestyle change to help deal with this DD. A friend told me it's best to cleanse my system first, by eliminating all the junk already in my intestines, bowel, etc.. to really start off right.
    Has anyone done this? What would you recommend I take? And does this mean I'm going to be on the toilet all day?
    Any suggestions/info are greatly appreciated.
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    Hi,Imn, I've never tried this ,but have thought of it from xtox.From everything I've ever read about it I think you would be spending a lot of time in the bathroom.I've even heard about people that give themselves enemas to clean out their systems so that they can start a new way of life. I never tried it because it always scared me to think I'd have to go through all that when I felt so bad to begin with. If you decide to go through with that type of program I'd be interested to know the outcome and how it worked for you . Please keep me posted. ..God Bless Danisue
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    Not as frequently as I used to though. The detox my doctor gave me is one he said anybody can do & yes stay by the toilet for the first hour or so.
    This is recommended for 4 days straight - some do up to 10
    1) Upon awakening, mix 2tsp. SEA SALT in a quart of spring or bottled water at ROOM TEMP.
    Drink entire mixture in one sitting. This will cause several bowel movements within the hour.
    2) Take 6 ounces of lemon juice mix (see below) and place into 6 or 8 ounce glass jar.
    Add Bentonite clay (you can get at health food store) 1 Tbsp for each 50 lbs of body weight.
    Add 1 heaping tsp. of Intestinal Cleaner (also at health food store - sold w/bentonite clay - its in a large brown glass jar in a box usually)
    Cap the jar & shake for 15 seconds
    Drink entire amount immediately after drinking salt water mix. (this mixture will gel up very quickly so drink fast & you may need to use a spoon to finish it)
    3)Mix this up & put in fridge the night before:
    For each day - juice 3 lemons & place the juice into 1/2 gallon jar (I use my juicer to get the most out of them - just remember to peel)
    Add organic maple syrup - 1/3 the volume of the lemon juice (if diabetic use the juice of 4 oranges)
    Add 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
    Fill the balance of the jar with spring or distilled water (it should equal 1/2 gallon all together)
    Mix - drink the entire amount gradually finishing by 2pm that day.
    4)After 2pm eat raw or steamed veges OR fresh fruit (Do not eat veges & fruit together - seperate by at least 2 hours)

    Follow this for 4 days.

    For the next 7-10 days:
    Fruits in the a.m. until noon time
    Veges. raw/steamed in the afternoon & evening
    White meat chicken or white meat fish if desired
    Soy products - soy cheese, vege burgers etc.

    After 10 days, check your tongue in the a.m. upon awakening. If the tongue is coated white or some other color, repeat 4 day detox.

    Try for organic fruits (incl. lemons) & veges - if not soak in water & white vinegar for about an hour.

    I've done this without the intesinal cleanser & with it - I guess its better to have it but can be done without it.

    Hope you give it a try - it will clean you out - Oh, I also did the coffee infusions along w/this program but I know a lot of people on this board are against them but if you want that too than let me know. I honestly have to say in the 10 years I've been dealing with cfids this docters treatment made the most improvement in my health - I plan to go back to him when I have the $ (It wasn't only the detox but also the supplements he recommended)
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    the best detox experience i have ever had is with Ultra-clear, Ultra-Balance, Ultra-Sustain. the first detoxes one's liver; the second one's gut, and the third is maintenance. it is expressly designed for people like us and people with multiple chemical sensitivity.

    the first time i tried this, i detoxed with ultra clear for six weeks; i felt better than i had in YEARS; i lost thirty pounds, and my fog cleared.

    the "trick" to it, however, is to "live" their very specific diet, i'ts all organic rotating diet and IT WORKED FOR ME!!!!

    there's little discomfort (other than hunger for the first few days..because this is all you injest for whatever timem period)..

    when i live this, i am practically healthy.

    the drawback:it is rather expensive and it is NOT by prescription. since i've been in graduate school, i have not maintained the diet nor the ultraclear and my symptoms are really out of control.

    many people have to start with the Ultra-Balance and many people need to add more water than the directions say.

    oh, yes and LOTS of spring or distilled water..lots!

    i DO know of some folks who detox on brown rice, LOTS of WATER, and soy sauce....they swear it works.

    both of these diets are like a supported fast and the first asks its users to live a specific lifestyle of diet.

    thanks! you've made me claim a new year's Detox and live that life again...i'll not go to movies and take public transportation to afford this...


    oonagh Ryan-King
    Oakland CA
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    Heard that in I think a Batman movie once when my son was younger. Anyway, have been away from posting on the board for a few months and saw this. I had advice from an MD whose wife has been going through lots of our types of problems...mostly she has chemical sensitivities so detox is really stressed. He told me to read books by Sally Rogers and I did the "roto-rooter" plan as suggested here. I just used the bentonite and mix with psyllium husk powder... this is the same stuff as in Metamucil and is the thickening agent. This is supposed to "scrub" the intestinal walls while the bentonite pulls out impurities, free radicals, and I think may help the liver flush out? I also felt a good cleaning out made sense because there is so much talk about poor absorption of vitamins and minerals and even nutrients themselves because of blocked up, caked on and sluggish digestive system. This combination creates an expanding glob of the mixture and pushes out the wastes. you have to drink plenty of water with it. As far as going to the bathroom...for me it moved slowly and I did the coffee thing to help it along. You may be suprised what you see. I did not start other supplements or alternative things until this was done a couple times. Four days of concoction, 3times per day-- 2 hours away from light meals. I then started using lipoic acid, CO Q10, etc, to help flush toxins out of liver. Coffee enema is supposed to do this too(some find it contraversial). Also, sea salt and baking soda baths and scrubbing skin with loofa or soft brush to allow toxins out of skin---actually an "organ" that sweats out toxins. I was advised to also do saunas, but could not afford a unit (of course) that uses lower heat which is supposedly safer. There were many more suggestions for detox as far as supplements but could not afford them. I CAN tell a difference. Also, after cleansing your system, I found I felt MUCH better,,,,much reduction in inflammation and more energy when I gave up (mostly) the sweets and yeasts. All in all, I feel healthier when I do this stuff, even if my energy is still very low...mentally I feel clearer.There's no doubt we lack nutrients and immune system is down. I also looked at your bio...I also had the exact same experience with thyroid. A tiny but of Rx to sleep and the lowest dose of thryoid Rx is all I take. I have begun to believe lots of RX's have toxins and liver cant take them...many even say so in ads. I don't even take tylenol, etc cause am pretty sensitive to most pain releivers....only ask for the big guns when in really bad flare. Didn't mean to write a book, but our medical stuff sounds similar. Take care. Eileen
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    on such a "pleasant" subject!! lol
    I'm not sure which system I'm going to use, but I will try something. After reading your posts, it does make sense to clean out all the junk in our bodies and start new.
    I'm off to a slow start, but today is day #3 without chocolate. i'm going to eliminate all other refined sugars starting Monday. Then we're on to potatoes and rice!!!
    One baby step at a time, right?
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    Hi there Imn,

    I know you've already gotten lots of replies, but I wanted to add one to your list! Visit and you will find tons of information and products regarding detoxing your body. I got the info out of the following book: "Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness". (From the cover:) 26 Doctors Show You How They Reverse These Conditions With Clinically Proven Alternative Therapies. Say Goodbye to Muscle Pain. Regain Your Vitality. Peak Your Immune System. Climb Out of Your Depression. Shake Off the Allergies, Stress, Yeast Infections, and Bad Digestion. There are some great chapters re: detoxing from heavy metals, healing pschological and emotional factors, restoring immune vitality, etc. Alot of information about FM, CFS and other illnesses that you may not have had diagnosed yet. This has really, really helped me out! Check out that website, as it is really great!
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    I have FM, but I will definitely be careful about what I do. I'm going to do some more reading as was suggested.
    Thanks much,