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    Hello all, I hope you can give me some great advice. ;P
    I am looking into cleansing my system. Colon, liver, etc.

    There are so many products and ideas out there, I need help. I know a lot of them are hokey also, I want to do the one that will be most beneficial with the least discomfort. I was looking at some of the products offered on this site and honestly don't know where to begin. There are a few options and I don't know what the best choice for me is.

    I have FM, hypothyroidism, and some pretty severe bowel problems now.

    Any advice?
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    I love colonics and have probably done close to 50, but I do them more for constipation than for cleansing the rest of my body (though they claim it works for all the body, not just the colon). I have pretty much gotten my IBS-C under control, with the only recurrences happening during stressful times. But, for a time I was doing anywhere from 2-3 a week. Now, I get them as the need arises and I probably haven't had one since early December, during a time I was in an awful flare.

    I just did a liver/gallbladder flush last night/this morning. I was utterly amazed at what came out of me. I had done a cleanse a few weeks ago, because I was starting to suspect my gall bladder was in need of one (I would get sick to my stomach when eating fried eggplant and sauteed fennel). Unfortunately, I didn't pass anything, but I think it was because the instructions were incomplete.

    Long story short...on Sunday I had what I think was a gallbladder attack, so I found a cleanse online and decided to start it Monday. It consisted of the most awful tasting concoctions I have ever swallowed, but the final outcome far exceded my expectations. In fact, I almost didn't do the last two steps this morning, because I felt so awful. Had I omitted those two steps I am sure I wouldn't have released the stones I did. I passeed HUNDREDS! I will do another one in two weeks. For a list of flushes/cleanses you can go to curezone (I used Hulda Clark's flush, but folllowed a pre-cleanse from one of the other recipes; btw I didn't do any of the other cleanses she recommended doing beforehand since mine was an emergency situation.)

    Hope this helps,
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    What do you all think of the Probiotics on this site as well as the cleanses?

    Wow Annette, thanks for the advice. I must admit though, I should probably not do my gall bladder. I am going for tests on it as well as a couple other areas for WLS. It would be bad for me to clean it out first.

    Since I have 2 kids at home and watch a 1 y/o during the day, I am a bit fearful of the side effects of flushing out my system but I feel the need for it. Thanks for your reply Annette.

    Best wishes,