Question about conflicting test-tohigh/then low

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    I got the numbers from the follow up test regarding my liver function. Two weeks ago my ALT was 229, AST 142 & Alkaline 246. Now they are back to normal. ALT 15, AST 21 AND ALKALINE 119. why would these change so drastically in 2 weeks time unless one of them is wrong. Now my ammonia levels are 178, sb 19-87 and I am suppose to take lactulose to correct that. My INR is low 1.0, what is that? Thanks again for all your help.

    What would make a liver function go so then be normal in two weeks. Has anyone else had this problem[This Message was Edited on 08/08/2003]
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    for some help.
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    First, your INR is fine unless you are on Coumadin, in which case your doctor should adjust your dose. I'm not at all surprised to hear that your liver tests are back to normal. The healthy liver has remarkable regenerative capacity, and 80% of people who have a common cold my be shown initially to have some inflammation of the liver, so that's why we don't get too excited until we repeat the test. If it's still positive we need to make sure there's no sign of hepatitis, though fatty infitration is another common cause. Don't get panicky about your blood results. It sounds like these are under control and you're getting good advice from your doc.

    Best wishes on your road to recovery,
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    Thank you, I am glad my numbers are normal again. The day I had the first test was a REALLY BAD STRESS day, could stress levels affect tests? I just couldn't understand how they could change that much in 2 weeks. Dr called today and my mom's folic acid is low, it is always something with one of us. Happy health you, CK