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    I know we've talked about this program before (yes I searched the archives first!) but I wanted some more specific info from women here who've joined....

    Are they very sympathetic to FM/CFS sufferers and our situation? Do they accept our limitations (meaning, we might have to begin V-E-R-Y slowly, & build up gradually? That our first thirty minutes might mean three minutes, building up slowly to 30 minutes?)

    What is the approximate cost (realizing it may vary by location---just a ballpark figure....)?

    I'm trying to put exercise back into my life, but I'm going from NO exercise recently, totally out of shape, & the same lack of strength & energy many of us have. I'd need to start slow, but am motivated! My FM foot pain doesn't allow me to do a lot of long walking; my favorite thing is actually biking, but I'm so out of shape I'd like to get back into shape a bit before adding biking to my routine---and Curves, being indoors, allows you to exercise in even hot, humid summer weather, a killer for me. Have a few lbs. to lose, but not many, mostly want the fitness benefits.

    Thanks to anyone who's used Curves for any info you could provide!

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    Hello Pam,
    I just got on our site right before leaving for work, so I will have to make this quick. I have been going to Curves for almost a year. I think you pay something like 75.00 dollars for the initial sign up fee. If you do direct deposit each month it only costs us 29 dollars a month but my hubby doesn't like that so it costs my sister-in-law and I 39.oo a month. I am sure that it varies at each site. My sister-in-law has MS so we both explained that we would do what we could and only that much. They don't push you and you can go at your own pace, be sure to explain the limitations and that it will be slow going for you. We were both totally out of shape when we started but now feel better, if I didn't do this 2 or 3 times a week I wouldn't be upright. They also stress streching after you do your circuit. It is quick and easy or as hard as you want it to be. You can try it out and watch and see if it is anything you might like. I wish you well Pam. Let me know what you think?
    Sandy (Cass)
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    Thanks so much for the great info! I found out we have a Curves very close to me, so I think I will go in & check it out. I definitely need to start somewhere! Want to eventually bike again when the weather's good, but I need to ease into this exercise thing!

    Thanks again,
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    Just have a little something to add about Curves. Although, Curves does not tell clients to stretch before you workout, I strongly recommend it especially if you have been inactive. Thus, it is my belief that one should stretch before and after doing the circuit training to avoid muscle strains.

    I love Curves because the workout is based on what you as an individual can handle any and every day.