question about degenerative disc disease. Madwolf or anyone who

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    I am wondering what this is actually. I have been seen by my Chiropractor a lot lately who finally said enough. He can't just keep putting me back together every other day. Due to muscle atrophy and muscle spasms my spine won't hold itself in place. I have problems in my C- spine and my lumbar spine. My back does not stay in place in either spot. I have not had an MRI of my C-spine in years but have in my lumbar spine in July. The chiro that I see has seen the MRI. He and I were discussing my situation and he said he believes not only do I have Fibro but degenerative disc disease too. My lumbar discs are starting to shrink and there are quite a few that are grey compared to the others. Is this what they consider the disease to be or what? I have tried researching it but haven't found much info on it.
    Just so you know too my chiro works hand in hand with many neurosurgeons in the area and sits in on a lot of surgeries that are done on his patients. He is really an all around smart man. The lumbar MRI came back with mild l-4 l-5 bulges but it is the same Radiologist that has read my reports for the past three years. Probably thinks oh good golly she is back again!!!

    Thanks for your info if you can help I appreciate it.
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    same problem. I found out about 3 months ago that I have multiple bulging discs and spinial stenosis(narrowing of the spine).I have gone to "ask jeeves" and typed in bulging discs and have gotten alot of information on this. I am currently waiting for an appointment with a neurosurgeon,surgery is most likley my only option. My dr. said that bulging discs are common,but that the stenosis is us8ally found in much older people.(I'm only 46).Hope this helps alittle,I'm sure there are people here who can give you better info.......queenbee
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    Hi there. I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I had so much pain in my lower back that I finally broke down and went to see an orthopedic surgeon. They did an MRI and he told me I have DDD.

    Can't say as I know too much about it either. The doc was very abrubt and had a terrible bedside manner. I do know that basically, my disc are deteriorating, they're going bye bye...The biggest cause, he said, was lack of oxygen to the spinal cord.

    He gave me a scrip (no refills!) for Vioxx (which didn't help) and sent me to physical therapy. Unfortunately, I have a small child that I stay home with, my husband works 8-12 hours a day, and we have only one car, so I never was able to go to p.t. He said surgery was the next step.. NO WAY!!!

    Sorry I don't have more info.. If you find out anymore, please let me know.

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    I have numerous bulging discs, joint arthropathy and severe spinal stenosis. I am 47. I'm in pain. My physicain saw the MRI results, wrote out Rx. for Oxy routinely *and* PRN and took me out of work. I was shocked at how quickly he did this as I've been used to doctors telling me to go on and work and do the best I can! Not this time and I knew it was a serious problem when he told me that surgery was the only option other than just attempting to be as free of pain as possible. I am going to see a neurologist, but surgery is not what I plan on; it really scares me. Our spineal column has a difficult job and we take it for granted until we have symptoms. My pain was so severe that the MRI was my only hope of finding the cause. I am so glad I asked for the MRI because this validated everything. This diagnosis is one accepted by the SSA for disability.
    I am so sorry you have to suffer with this as well as the FMS. One is bad enough, huh???
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    Sorry I can't answer your question. I was just diagnosed with a herniated disc and also stenosis in my c-spine.
    I am on a muscle relaxant and an anti-inflammatory. I am also going to PT twice a week for 6 weeks. Hopefully it will help.
    My Neurosurgeon said that my disc were degenerating. I assume that means I have DDD. I really don't know but I will ask when I go back to see him.
    I'm sorry you are having so many problems with your back. I've always said I'd rather anything hurt as my back. Of course, that's what always hurts. It seems alot of us have this problem.

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    I also have DDD..I see a nuero every 3-4 months..I take an anti-inflamatory every day (Mobic)..Mine starts up in my neck all the way down to low back..I do have 2 herniated discs, with the others just being buldged..I have seen one of the top neuro. surgeons in my area, and he really advised against surgery..In fact he had the same problem himself, and said once they start screwing with your back, you are often worse off..I often wonder about that..He then retired, and had to see another neuro. surgeon, he also said he would not operate unless the pain went all the way down to my ankle, mine usually will stop at about knee level from the herniated disc..I have trouble doing my everyday housework, but do manage with a very slow pace, and taking breaks in between..I also have the Fibro..Was diagnosed with DDD in about '89, and the fibro in about '92..
    I still get MRI's every so many years to see if anything has changed, like from just being buldged to herniation..
    I have went to PT more than once & also to some type of dr (which I didn't care for) to teach me how to do everything in my life without making my back worse & causing more pain..I still get pain, but kinda set limitations on what I will and can do..Which needless to say is a real pain in the butt..I also have osteoarthritis, and am now being checked for the possiblity of RA..
    All I can say is that I sympathize with anyone suffering from DDD..Been there, done that, but didn't get no D*** T-Shirt!!LOL
    Take Care..........Best Wishes..........Donna
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    I have DDD in my cervical spine. I said no to surgery and insisted on Physical Therapy instead. I went three times per week for 2 months,and now I do the exercises they taught me at home. Some are done daily, and some every other day. It takes about 10 mins. to do them. I also take Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM at maximum doses. The combo of the supplement and PT has relieved 85% of my pain. It would not do so, however, if I had not continued with the program after the PT was over. I skipped two days of my exercises once and the pain came back big time. I'd try PT before letting them cut me, esp. since back surgery is often unsuccessful.
    Good luck,
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    for all of your replies. I am sorry you all suffer with this. I appreciate you input.