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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Geechie, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Geechie

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    I have this problem and also have fibro, and am wondering, since I've seen this mentioned on the board in several places, if this is a common problem with others who have fibro/cfs?

    I had surgery for decompression but still have a couple of bad discs (doc doesn't want to do those until/unless it's necessary, as it would be more extensive).

    This seems to be the worst thing yet!

    thanks for any input.
  2. MamaR

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    I have for years known that I have disc problems, but just recently had 2- MRI's on my back. My GP said that I have serious degenerative disc, and I have to see a surgeon.

    I will be trying to avoid surgery....if anyway possible. Most everyone that I have ever known that had back surgery didn't benefit very much. Plus, I am leery of that type of surgery. What is decompression surgery...if I may ask?

    I don't know how many people with fibro has the same problem....I have wondered about that also! I do have osteoporosis also..and I am only 53 yrs.

    I was told about 10 years ago that my spine (at that time) was that of a 70 year old! So there you go!!

    I'm a MESS.

  3. Geechie

    Geechie New Member

    was releasing the pressure on the nerves. I almost couldn't walk, so I had to have it done.

    I'm 60, and I don't think I have any other problems with bones except for a few joints (from RA). This thing is pretty painful.

    I've just seen quite a few mentions of degenerative discs on this board.
  4. Kacjac

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    I have Degenerative Disc Disease plus 4 herniated disc, in cervical and lumbar, I am 49 yo.
    I will definietly NOT go under the knife until I just can't walk or something, it will have to be drastic.
    Well wishes, Karen ( to you & MamaR)
  5. Charleen

    Charleen New Member

    I have both degenerative disc, Fibro and several others. I had my back operated on about seventeen years ago. One doctor told me I would never walk again that I would have a cathader and a collostomy bag, needless to sat he is not the one who operated on me.

    I had two surgeries within six months of each other. I have it in my neck but so far no one has mention surgery. If your leg or legs start going numb you might consider surgery. I waited to long and have never damage in my left leg. I can walk but leg gives me problems.

    Six years ago I was dignosed with fibro. I am pretty sure that I got it when I feel out of the tub (was peeling wall paper and fell out of the tub and broke glasss doors into my back. That is when I ruptured the disc in my back.

    I don't want anymore surgery either but if it get's to bad I might have to.
  6. wickett

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    I also had surgery 14 yrs ago, on ruptured disc. I have advanced degenartive disc disease. I have lordosis (uncommon curvature) scoliosis 40 degree twist,stenosis I went to a surgeon and he told me that when a disc ruptures it will disolve into your system. The reason your back hurts is because it is taking on a new shape, since the disc are no longer there. I am wondering if some light stretches, heat & rest would be a good way to try and give you some releif. I did go to a specialist, Good luck to you. God Bless
  7. JLH

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    A lot of us have degenerative disk disease--which is arthritis--in our backs due to our ages! I'm almost 55 and have DDD plus a lot of other back problems. Ugh!
  8. darude

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  9. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    hey kerrilyn!

    i just saw your post while browsing and it really caught my eye, because i'm 20 with degeneration in my discs, bulging discs, and my dr also said something about being 60! :( as u probably know, DDD isn't common with 20 year're the first ive heard of!

    an MRI of my cervical spine showed degeneration between C2-C6, the worst being C5-C6. I've lost fluid in my disks, and I've lost my spinal curvature, and I have bulging discs. i have an abnormal emg, nerve root irritation, and incapacitating pain. i see that you seem to be a bit better now...any suggestions??

    thanks so much!
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I was just diagnosed last week with severe degenerative disc disease, lordosis and other things that I cannot understand. All this from x-rays.

    I have gone for physio three times and it has helped already. I am in a lot of pain still but not the terrible pain I was in last week. Thank goodness.

    I talked to my naturopath about it today and he recommended going to the chiropractor for some sort of traction and keeping up physio three times a week for awhile.

    If it gets rid of the pain, it will be worth it. I have had back pain since before I came down with CFS/FM almost 14 yrs ago. I wonder how much of it could have been taken care of with physio.

  11. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    Hello sassy and pepper!

    so sorry you guys also have these terrible problems. i went to chiro yest, who shook his head in disbelief because i have nerve/disc problems all throughout my cerv spine. who knew the spine was so delicate!

    i tried traction yesterday, which since its first, i'm not sure what to make of, but i have big hopes b/c i too am desperate. i'll let u know how it goes...

    have any of u tried wearing a soft collar around the neck?

    hugs, and best of luck,
  12. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    I am suffering now from lower back pain and pain through my hip and down my right leg. Yes, my doc suspected a herniated disc and scheduled an MRI for next week.

    Here is my question: Does the MRI look at the entire spine or will it just look at the lower back???

    I also have had severe pain in my right shoulder and neck for years, (16 years, after a fall) that has never been diagnosed. I just have learned to live with it. Will the MRI read that part of my spine as well, or does the doc need to request that????

    Somebody please help me so I can make a phone call to him if I need to.

  13. peachrie

    peachrie New Member


    did either soft collar or traction help you before? also, did surgery help at all?

    i understand pain...all i can say is we should keep hoping.

    i hope soft collar or traction can help you.

    hugs, and best of luck,
  14. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    like sassy, i highly recommend cervical MRI. I had neck/arm/shoulder/back pain for YEARS and none of the many drs i went to rxed one until recently, and i'm glad i got it, cause it showed why. also, i recommend an emg (not pleasant but may be useful)

  15. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    how do you guys type???

    its awful!
  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    What is an emg?

  17. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    a compressed disc in the cervical area,acompressed disc in the thoracic area(it gives me major problems) and something in the lumbar that the doctor has said was part of my problems.Linda
  18. Lumare41

    Lumare41 New Member

    I just came back on after a few years off after a couple of busy hard years.I had cevical fusion which made me feel much better.we had some major financial problems and had to get rid of internet cable we are back doing better hubby got a raise,rent went down and was able to stop the van from being repo'd.
    I was really happy to see this post as I am going for surgery on sept. 20th.I am having surgical fusion.I have spondlyothesis.I have 2 vertebrae that have slipped and are compressing the spinla cord and sciatic nerve.they have to remove the L5 disc that is bulging anyway and put in a cage.

    The part that bothers me is they said my tail bone over grew to compensate for the slip and got thin and fractured and the have to cut the fracured pieces off.They have to pull the spine forward and put in rod and screws to hold it in place .I will be laid up for a very long time.

    With 4 kids that will be hard.At least they are not young 18,16, and ii year old twins.If I do not have this done I will end in a wheelchair because my spine is unstable.

    How did eveyone else who had surgery cope with the recovery?
    Was it painful? They told me the pain was going to be I am allergic to morphine and demeril.

    Thanks Luann
  19. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I have DDD in the cervical spine with lordosis (reverse curvature)...I also had a bulged disk that compromised the cord so I reluctantly had a fusion...Fixed the initial problem but contributed to this FMS/CF...

    I know that if ever a doc were to mention surgery to me again, I would run...5 surgeries contributed negatively to my health and left me where I am today...ICKY!!!

    Sorry, I don't have anything positive to say but I did want to share the conditions I have like the others did...I think many of us have neck and back disk issues, seems to be a contributing factor in these dd's...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  20. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    pepper: an emg's a test where they insert needles in your muscles and assess you for nerve damage/pinched nerves...its uncomfortable but informative.

    mamadove: has cervical fusion helped you? i see in your profile that youve suffered from DDD at a young age too :( i have bulging too...

    best of luck, peachrie