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  1. Hey everyone, even though I do not want to start a flame war or get involved in something controversial, I wanted to ask if you knew anything about ibogaine (more here for treating dependence. My friend has been dependent on cocaine for more than 5 years (that I have known her) and we have done the rehab thing. Turns out that she used again the night after she got out of rehab.

    My question is whether you had any experiences with it whatsoever, whether it be positive or negative. Again, not trying to get any specific narrative filled, I would just like to know what your thoughts are (if any). Thank you.
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    @Emma M. Cardin You would probably be better off asking this question over on a drug and alcohol addiction forum as they will much more likely be able to help you than a forum for people with CFS and FM. Good luck to your friend.
  3. i think so you can ask this qustion in frug and alcohol addction.
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    You could post this query in Deaddiction Forum like psych forums or soberrecovery.