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    I have not been employed by a company or organization for over 6 years. WHen my son was born six years ago I started doing home daycare. I did that for about 3 years, then stopped because we knew we were going to be moving. It took us a year to sell our home and find a new one. During that time the stress became so great (after our old home was sold but we still had not found a new home and were in an apartment) that I developed the FMS. We have since moved into a new home and I have attempted to re-open may daycare and have one child, but my health is getting drastically worse and I dont know how long I can continue to do this. It has been over 11 years since I worked in a company where I actually paid social security, etc. so I am assuming my chances of collecting any form of disability are non-existent? Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    your local social security office and they can tell you. Or go online and check to see if you have worked long enough to get the credits you need to get SSI.

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    where online would I check
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    check out: and call the local office or 1800# to set an appt. up to file.

    and to find out more info.

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    I think that you can still apply for Social Security because you have paid in something,and they pay in accordance to your highest pay period. This process takes years and they always turn you down the first time around. Find a good lawyer that specializes in this and keep organized records of EVERYTHING. This includes phone conversations from everyone including your lawyer. Also find a really good Rheumatologist for pain meds, muscle relaxers etc.and a phychiatrist who will issue your antidepressants as fibro. does include depression. GOOD LUCK!!