Question about Elavil and how much you take

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    My doc put me back on elavil for pain when I relapsed a few months ago. The first night I took a whole 25mg pill, not remembering that the first time he put me on it I was catatonic the next day and had to use a half for a week, I did have a lot less pain the next day, as I did the first time. And the nurse said then she was surprised that it worked that fast, but I know it was not my imagination because I had forgotten it (of course) by the next round and the same thing happened.

    Well, this past week I have been PMSing and in a lot more pain than usual. So night before last, I upped what I took to 1 1/2 since I had plenty left from the first month when I took 1/2 for several weeks. I did seem to be better yesterday and I managed with 2 rounds of Alka Seltzer and 1/2 of a pain pill with 4 advil.

    I want to know how much you take and if you think it helps with pain. Once PMS is over, if I don't go back to "normal" (whatever that is! :)) I am thinking of asking my doc to up my dosage. Thankfully it does not make me crave sweets.
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    I take 25 mg every night. I have been at this dosage for 5 years now, and it works well for me.

    The bad news is that eventually, I did start to crave sweets. I was fine for the first several months, but now that I have been taking it for 5 years I have gained 15 pounds.

    I tried to get myself off of it twice for this reason. However, the pain and insomnia returned so I decided it isn't worth it.

    Honestly, I don't think I could make it through each day without the stuff. The difference is night and day.

    Best of luck to you. I think your body will eventually get used to it. It just needs some time to adjust.

    God bless,

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    When I tried Elavil I was knocked out for over 12 hours, it was scary.

    I was recently reading that we all metabolize drugs differently. It was on a site for a company that tests your DNA or genes to determine how you metabolize drugs.

    It is very interesting but you can actually have your dna and genes tested to let your doctor know which are the best drugs for you. They can tell the following:

    A. PM poor metabolizer, absent or greatly reduced ability to clear or activate drugs.

    B. IM intermediate metabolizer. Heterozygotes for normal and reduced activity genes.

    C. EM extensive metabolizer. The norm.

    D. UM Ultra Metabolizer. Greatly increased activity accelerating clearance or activation

    If you check the site for Genelex and look at the section for pharmacogenetic testing you can read more. Below is some info.

    This is really useful when people are having problems with anti-depressants


    Pharmacogenetic testing is the alternative to "one size fits all" and "trial and error" prescribing. Knowledge of patient drug metabolizing gene variants, found in more than half of patients, can help determine the appropriateness and dosage of many of the most commonly prescribed drugs including:

    SSRI & TCA antidepressants
    opioid pain medications
    beta blockers
    Type I antiarrhythmics

    Genelex currently offers straightforward genetic tests that reliably identify and classify CYP2D6, CYP2C9 (with VKORC1 for warfarin),CYP2C19, CYP1A2, and NAT2 into their slow, normal, and ultra-fast metabolizing forms.

    Physician Benefits

    Maximize treatment success by individualizing patient treatments to match their unique genetic make-up.

    Opportunity to build your practice.

    Minimize liability by reducing "trial and error" prescribing.

    Keep current with the latest advances in genetic science.

    Patient Benefits
    Provides personalized and clinically-relevant drug-drug and/or drug-gene interaction information.

    Helps the patient's physician optimize the safety and efficacy of prescription regimens.

    Proactive treatment choices.

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