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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by piebear, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Today I had an upper endoscopy done. I was soo scared so was sedated. I also had to wait an hour and a half for my turn. I was laying on a gurney the whole time with an IV hooked up to my arm. Wasn't fun. (Thank God my husband was there though!) But once it was my turn I was good and knocked out. My doctor did take a biopsy so will have to find out what is going on when he talks to me later cause I guess there was something he found. And of course the entire time I was there in the hospital I was in a lot of pain. =(

    Anyway they told me not to have solid foods and just have liquids until tomorrow when I can eat normal again. Yet its ok to continue taking my medications except for motrin and similar drugs. Did everyone else have the same deal where you couldn't eat solid foods until the next day? I had my procedure done around noon. All they said I could have is like broth or jello. I am soooo hungry and cranky!!!!
    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks![This Message was Edited on 11/02/2005]
  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    It's been a long time since I had my two endoscopies done. They never told me not to eat solid food afterwards. Yet at the same time, they didn't find anything either.

    This ended up being my dx for gastroparesis. I still had other tests done like a upper GI and ultrasounds done. I don't remember an IV for the endoscopy though. But I was knocked out completely for both.

    I'm sorry you aren't able to eat anything until tomorrow. Must be a reason for that, but I really don't know what it is.

    Hope you will feel better.

  3. beth0818

    beth0818 New Member

    hey there. we specialize in endoscopic procedures at the surgical center where i work. you can eat solid food, it's just that they may upset your tummy, patients who eat solid foods report more instance of diarrhea. i am not a nurse though, so that's all i know.
  4. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. I don't know what I'm going to do. Guess I will try to have some yogurt or cream and chicken soup. They are sort of liquids but more filling than broth. I'll see how that works. I'm trying to follow my doctors instructions but it just seems a bit harsh. I have low blood sugar too so not eating is not making me feel very good.
  5. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    Yes, both my hubby and I couldn't have solids until the next day. Good Luck with this!

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  6. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Would cream of chicken soup or yogurt be considered a solid that I should avoid though? Or does it have to be clear liquids do you think. Ugh! I hate not eating. =(
  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Remember this is just my opinion, but I think yogurt and the soup would be fine. I think they just don't want you going to Wendy's for a burger and fries.

    What is the worst that could happen to you? I really think you'll be fine. I really do and you could probably eat some scrambled eggs and be fine.
    Things like applesauce should be fine too.


  8. piebear

    piebear New Member

    Thanks again for being so helpful everyone. I'm doing much better now. =) I agree wth you ilovecats94, some things probably are just fine. I finally just thought I'd try it and see what happens since I was so miserable. So I had some cream of chicken soup and I'm doing fine so guess it didn't do any harm afterall. Made me feel soo much better too. They probably just don't want your stomach to work too hard by eating too many solids and such. (although a wendy's sounds real good right now! lol) But tomorrow I am soooo pigging out! =D
  9. Moonshyne

    Moonshyne New Member

    I have to have an endoscopy done annually as I have Barretts Esophogus... I have never been told I couldn't eat afterward... I always went home and slept off the anesthesia for a few hours an ate later and I've never had a problem...

    Hope your feeling better soon.
  10. Pillsick

    Pillsick New Member

    I have never been knocked out for a endoscopy, I've had it several times so far ( might need more) on two occasions when it was an oral exam I just had the spray at the back of my throat, now that was scary as I felt totally at the Doc's mercy and wished I had been knocked out.I was never told not to eat solids for 24 hrs, just warned about the bloating sensation and possible pain, you know the usual warnings and precations.
    Hope your feeling better now and can eat normally
  11. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I did have an IV and I was sedated before they inserted the tube. The anesthesiologist said I was not really knocked out. I told him I wanted some of that stuff to take home to help me sleep. He laughed and said it would only keep me out about 15-20 minutes.

    I could have food as tolerated and was told if I had any problems with food, to eat soft foods or liquids.

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