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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by balletdancer74, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm posting as a "new topic" so this message is not overlooked. :)

    I have M.E./CFIDS, FM/MPS complex, arthritis (from my ballet career - the least of my concerns), a small pituitary adenoma, incessant, 24/7 head pain, GERD, IBS, Candida, recently Lyme, etc. and started Omega 3 fatty acid pills...1000mg a day. I don't mind the burping (I burp from the GI problems anyway! lol), but I noticed after less than two weeks that my face started breaking out a lot and becoming oily. Vitamin E does the same thing to me. I know that it takes at least five to six weeks before any possible noticeable improvement in inflammation (my main reason for trying omegas) or moods occurs, but the break out of my skin was unbearable.

    Any thoughts? Any particular brands that most likely wouldn't do that to me? I'm open to any suggestions. Otherwise, I have to try the old anti-inflammatory, Daypro, which used to help me with many a ballet injury. Of course, I wasn't sick back than so who knows how I'll react now. Celebrex was a nightmare for my bursitis which is allegedly gone. The pain in my shoulders (more my right one now) is due to some "other type of inflammation" according to my orthopedic surgeon, and he knows all about FM and M.E. He thinks maybe the Lyme is causing it. All I know is that the pain is excruciating and doesn't feel like FM or M.E. I've had it for well over seven months now.

    I'm a "younger oldie" to FM/MPS complex and M.E. and everything that comes along with it. *grin*

    I need to find time to do PT (I know), but if it's not one thing, it's another.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    LB32 (Leeza)

    Pls disregard any typos, but my perpetual head pain/pressure is a real "distraction." Who would've ever believed that I was an English major in college! lol
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    is excellent and works better than NSAIDS. It is sold here at Prohealth or the more expensive namebrand Wobenzyme might be at your local health store. I take it regularly and it helps w/ my FM, IBS, and period inflammation and bloat, and it slightly lowers my pain levels so I take less narcotic. Sometimes its just enough to knock the edge of small scale pain so I don't always have to take the narcotic. The enzymes are even better for arthritis too. I have a friend who used to take ibuprofen, but the enzymes put her arthritis into remission, and the only time it comes back on her is in extremes of temperature, like super low barometer and high humidity (big flairs for me too).

    Your face is getting oily because of your impaired digestion (you mentioned you already have a GERD problem, but also because of very weak adrenals. I can give you some surefire tips to clean up your digestion/GERD but also recommend taking adrenal glandulars. You'll have to stop w/ the EFA'S until you heal your GI tract enough to process them properly.

    You could also try the oils again in a few mths, sometimes its the season that puts extra stress on yourr glands. I actually get that oily face/scalp problem very bad in the fall when SAD hits my glands like a ton of bricks. Its a bugger, as you can't keep your hair or face clean for a friggin hour at a time.

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    Thanks for suggesting ProEnzyme P. I'll keep that in mind.

    I have my adrenals checked every two to three months, and believe it or not, they're about the only thing that always comes out "normal." As for the IBS (since I was 18 - Dad has it too) and GERD, it's hard to digest anything oral. That's why I usually get everything I need thrown into my weekly vitamin drip. However, I haven't been able to get my vitamin/mineral infusion on a regular basis as I've been out of town and can't find anyone locally at present.

    Even before I became sick with anything - when I was in peak physical condition as a dancer - I broke out from vitamin E. I guess my body maybe didn't need it back than. I was ok with oral potassium for my aching muscles and iron was fine. Now, I can't take either orally.

    I tried papaya chewable enzymes six years ago, and while they helped my stomach so much, I had an adverse reaction. I became beyond lethargic. It was like taking a drug that makes one become sluggish. So, while I can eat a papaya, I am allergic to the actual enzyme. I'm allergic to so many things, it's to laugh at however frustrating. Most of us are in the 1% while I'm in the .5% or the one who "creates/manifests" new reactions. It's crazy.

    I'd be more than happy to hear any other suggestions you have for GERD. I take Nexium which has been a big help, avoid acidic foods, etc., but I still have some sort of "reflux" without the food coming up. My throat is affected.

    Thanks again for responding!

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    GERD bump
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    Hi Leeza,

    I'm not sure what would cause the break outs, but one thing about fish oil: be sure the fish oil caps are MERCURY FREE. I get mine from ourhealthcoop (you can find the exact website by doing a search on google- you'll find them very easily.) Their fish oil caps are mercury free and have a lot of other benefits which you can read about at their website (not all fish oil caps are created equal). They stringently test all of their products in an indepenent lab so you know their products are safe. I've had good luck with all of their products.

    Hope this helps.


    Erika :)
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    I'll definitely check out the fish oil site you suggested. I appreciate your input. :)

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    balletdancer74 New Member

    I appreciate your input. I've done more than the gluten free diet. I do the yeast free diet. I have really bad candidiasis.

    I normally have really dry but smooth skin, so it's strange that fish oils should make me break out. I'd expect everything to even out. lol

    I'll look into the book you recommended. Thanks again!

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    My Mum also suggested lemon juice many years ago before I became sick due to vitamin E making me break out. She actually has beautiful, olive skin and puts pure olive oil on it every day. She never breaks out.

    I have a pituitary tumor which I'm sure isn't helping any. I also have dry and smooth pale (not olive though I look exactly like my Mum! lol) skin. I've never had a problem with acne. But when I start "oils" albeit vitamin E or Omegas, etc., my face becomes very oily.

    I'm very familiar w/ Tens machines. Love them! Has helped every ballet injury I've ever had. :) I have an RX for one, but the place that I get my wrist guards, etc. closed, so I have to travel a little further. I'm procrastinating like an idiot.

    I can't sleep on my side because it hurts too much anyway, basically I'm only left with on my back as my neck flips out if I'm on my stomach. My shoulder definitely has some sort of inflammation going on not due to FM/MPS and/or M.E. It could be residual bursitis, maybe arthritis now (doubt that), Lyme...I'll be seeing my orthopedic surgeon soon.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate them!

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    question for you- when you get your adrenal function checked- is it the blood test, or is it the saliva test? most regular drs only do blood tests, but some naturopaths etc do the saliva test, which they feel to be more accurate. I had the blood one done twice w normal results. then I had the saliva one done and my results were showing advanced stage adrenal fatigue (in a nutshell= producing way less cortisol than normal).

    now i am on treatment for it (adrenal glandular pills) and am feeling slowly better. I pray it keeps helping me. I feel like this is the only thing that has helped my fatigue ever!! (ive been seeing drs for fatigue for 12 long years) so i just wanted to see if you got the saliva test too.

    take care
  14. balletdancer74

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    Thanks for responding to my post. I nearly forgot I even made this post. lol j/k

    Actually, I only get the blood tests for the adrenals though you're right in that the saliva test is much more accurate.

    I'll have my immunologist test my adrenals via saliva during my next visit. I wonder what will be found this time!

    Thanks again...and glad you're slowly feeling more strength - less weakness!

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    just FYI- the test i had done was called "adrenal stress index" saliva test done by a company called diagnos tech. it cost about $100. the company has a website that you can check into if you like. i hope your dr will order it for you. if not maybe consider ordering it yourself. (that's what i did)

    NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!

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    I am going to start taking fish oil for the inflammation in my head from having so many migraines. I have read up on all this and Fish oil reduces inflammaton and is also good for people who take statin drugs. I went to the Diamond Headache institute in Chicago and she wanted me inpatient so they could reduce the inflammation I had in my head from so many headaches, but I have so much medication going into my body now I just didn't want any more and then I read this info on how fish oil reduces inflammation so I am going to start that this very day, I am going to start out slow and build up. I know it takes longer to work but I would rather take something natural than a chemical. I hope I don't get oiler skin, I have that already!! I will post my reply when I know if it really works. Good luck to you!
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    is now trying a product called VegEPA with his patients. It was developed by this UK professor, Basant Puri, who has done a lot of work on CFS.

    It has a particular ratio of Omega3s to Omega6s.

    I took it way back.. and it helped but i gave it up .. because it wasn't curing me. (I was a bit naieve back then).

    Anyway one of my doc's patients turned him on to this product, and he was interested enough that he helped the manufacturers get a US distributor.. Immunity Today.

    Dunno if they've got the US distribution deal done yet or what.
    I've been taking Patricia Kane's phosphatidly choline. I take so much stuff that I couldn't tell u if it's having any particular effect.

    All I know is that I am getting much better with all the things i'm on.

    I hope this is relevant to the thread. Fish Oil is omega 3 or 6 right?

    Interesting to hear fish oil combats inflammation. I am a bit worried about that.. given that I think I've had a stealth viral infection for 10 years. Ouch.

    And no I do not have a financial interest in VegEPA or any other product mentioned here. Wish i did, then I wouldn't be so bleeding poor! Ha.

  18. balletdancer74

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    Hope the treatment helps. Keep us posted! :)

  19. balletdancer74

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    Thanks for the information, and yes, it's totally relevant to the thread. :) However, even if it weren't, thank you for taking time to post.


    I already figured you didn't have a financial interest in the product. I've read many of your posts and see you as a very honest and knowledgeable individual. :)
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    Hey Stranger!

    So good to see you over here, but I'm concerned to hear about your health at present. What's going on w/ your gall bladder? What are your symptoms?

    I know you've got a full house now, so you're probably swamped with a lot of things to do.

    Please keep us posted...I don't read any boards much anymore, but I'll try to check in here...or start a new thread with my name in the subject so I see it...

    I hope the docs get whatever is going on treated properly, and thanks for the information on omegas.

    Shabbat Shalom! *grin*

    Healing hugs my friend,

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