Question About Flares and Recovery Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Marta608, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Marta608

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    Hi all,

    About three weeks ago I got very sick with what appeared to be intestinal flu. I mean SICK in bed, get up only to grope to the bathroom every 15 mintues for three days and nights sick. Also no appetite, low-grade fever, chills, vertigo, couldn't sleep and had major body pain. Of course, all the while, I was thinking that it could be a big CFS/FM flare because I'd been pushing myself a bit. (NOT like a normal human, but a lot for me.)

    I still don't know but I find now I can do much less than before. If I do something like, gasp!, the grocery store one day, I'm very sick the next day or two and have trouble getting up, getting meals, etc. The odd thing is that the FM I had before getting sick is improved! Wonder why? Bed rest? No food? Cleaned out?

    Because my energy level is so much less now I'm wondering is if this could be an acceleration of CFS or if it really is the aftermath of having CFS AND the flu. The one hour and a half stint at the shelter this week where I volunteer left me sick for two days. I'm thinking I may have to back away from that commitment for now and it's my last public connection as well as spending time with my granddaughter there. :>(

    My doctor sure wouldn't what's going on know so I'm coming to the experts. My question is to any of you who've had a bad flare: Did you get better again or did you stay more ill? I'm planning on getting better.....

    Suppose I'm just being impatient? (Who, me??) Whatcha think?

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  2. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    I had a kidney stone procedure that set my friends back for 4 days when they had it. It took me 6 weeks to recover my strength. You might just need time.

    With the digestive upset, I hope you are taking a probiotic to help restore your intestinal flora - or least eating yogurt with an active culture in it. I think gut problems clean out your glutathione and it's key to this whole disease.
  3. FANNtasy

    FANNtasy New Member

    For many years, since early 20's I have had what I call, "Pre-Sydrome Symptoms." I would get sinus and upper respority infections the same time of year every year. Mouth and fever sores the same. I also had ills hit me mostely in Late August-early September. Then again in early May - Late June.
    I have minute allergies to only dust and mold so I know my resporitory problems were not from allergies.
    I was infected with "Fifths Disease," a Human Parvo Virus B 19, in 1998 at 32. A childhood measles virus that every one should get between 3-15 yrs of age. I got it as an adult and it exacerbated my conditions. I thought this was going to kill me.
    Oct. 2003, I was dxed with Fibro and CFS in 2005.
    Since my DX of fibro, my flares start just like they did all my pre-syndrom days. I start with a flare late August-mid September and now it lasts. It ebs and flows, but Im usually feeling only about 50% healthy. It peeks in January-February and brings in all the guns and leaves me to suffer well into May. Sometime subsiding toward the end of May but sometimes, not till June. During this time I only feel 25-50% healthy. And 50% is a good day. I used to be grateful for 70%. Havent gotten better then that in about 15 years.
    I dont know if I feel this bad because of chronic untreatable upper respritory conditions, and this keeps me down or if its an immunity, viral condition form the Fifths that is most likely causing the fibro.
    I just had blood work and found a low Immunoglobin level in one of my subclasses, which means Im not making enough antibodies. I was also found to test high for herpes1 and The Parvo antibodies are very high. I had the fifths 8 yrs ago, that virus should not still be agitating antibodies. But I have read that low immunity mixed with herpes and parvo virus can be a thriple edged sword. Im low on immunities, the herpies agitates all the other viruses in the body and since parvo is a mimicing cell, and has potential to attach to your DNA it can sit there and make you viral for the rest of your like, just being agitated by the herpes and the thriple edge of the low immunity.
    Im seeing an infestious disease specialist to hopefully check bone marrow to see if parvo is in fact seated in my dna now. I hope I get some answeres and come relief. I cant do this for many more years. I want my life back!!!!
    But my flares are 8-9 months out of the year. I have been worse, but its never easy. I just miss me.
    Feel Well, Felicia
  4. jole

    jole Member

    I wonder if it is not the CFS raising up above the FM. Supposedly they are the same, but I for one do not believe it for a minute. I can certainly differentiate between the two. for instance, overdoing in a physical way for me brings on the FM flare of excruciating pain with fatigue. But when feeling ill, I am totally beyond fatigued for weeks on end, not able to do anything, concentrate, and generally too weak to even carry on a conversation. At those times I HAVE to sleep. There are no options for me. And at those times, the pain is usually less---or my brain is just too tired to feel it, not sure which.

    Here I thought you were doing better. Darn! I am sooo wishing spring were here to stay and the fronts would quit their darn horsing around....

    Hope you have better days. Also, I agree with the probiotics, as you well know...

    Friends - Jole
  5. mezombie

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    Hi Marta!

    I'm so sorry you're feeling so rotten. I, too, am in a flare, and it's taking a long time to return to "normal". But I do know from experience (16 years worth!) that I will get back to my pre-flare level, even if it's a slow and frustrating journey.

    I have always come out of my flares and continued on the road to recovery. So to answer your question, I don't think you will stay this way permanently.

    I know how frustrating this kind of setback can be. I'm trying to be good and rest, drink lots of fluids, curtail activity, etc. But like you, I miss having some sort of social outlet! I'm on the internet much more than I should be (and that's a known trigger for me).

    It's so hard to be patient, isn't it?

    Hang in there! You will start to feel better!

    The Zombie
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thanks to all of you for your responses.

    Goldyfan, yes, I keep trying to remember that I haven't had a real "bug" in years - an advantage to not going anywhere, I'm sure - so I've lost track of my recovery times.

    Clay2, I was faithfully eating organic plain yogurt until I ran out. I need to dip into my probiotic bottle. Thanks for the reminder.

    FANNtasy - wow, you have a complicated situation there. Of course, all of us may have for all we know, right? I'm glad to hear you have a good infectious disease specialist to work with you. There is none to be had here.

    Jole, I admit I've been one who thought FM to be a symptom of CFS (the pain part of it) but perhaps not. Whichever or whatever's going on is putting a serious crimp in what little life I'd managed to have, including grocery shopping and body maintenance appointments! Ugh. That sounds so whiny.

    Mezombie, yep, I'm ailing and sorry to hear you are too. You've been at this whole thing three more years than I have so I'm taking your word for it that I'll be "better" again. I've had another relapse today, for what reason I have no idea, but after lunch I felt like I should update my Will. I ate nothing unusual or unhealthy. It's at those times I start to panic and think maybe I have something fatal instead of "just" CFS. Who'd know? When doctors hear of a former CFS dx. they glaze over. One doctor actually referred me to a CFS doctor named Dr. Natzske and spelled it NUTsky. I got her message.

    I need to figure out ways to get the things done I need to do and I guess I'll let them know at the shelter not to count on me for awhile. Nuts.


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