Question about Garlic Supplements??? HELP

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    I have read many of you talk about Garlic supplements and helping fight yeast. I finally broke down and bought some today. How many milligrams should I start out at? How often should I take them? How have they helped you?

    The garlic supplement that I have has 1250mg in each tablet and says take two a day. If I am trying to clean all this outta my system should I take more? What should I expect once I start taking them? Do you get rid of the over growth when you use the bathroom? lol sorry for all the questions but I haven't a clue on this one.

    Please any input will be appreciated

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    I started taking a garlic supp for yeast. I think it was only 500mg. I started getting the herx you hear about and stopped the supplement. I am going to start back up this summer when I am off work. I would take it very slowly.
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    I started all my new supplements tonight and I took two of everything, hope that wasnt a bad move but since I have been feeling so bad here lately I think that my body needs it.
    Took two of the calcium with magnesium with zinc (all in one tab) Got a bottle of 100 for 1.49 at Bilo grocery

    Took two of the garlic had that burning feeling too for a while now its better, the two were equal to a whole clove of garlic

    Took a vitamin C and a multi vitamin

    took a chitosan for fiber

    I am just sick of hurting all the time and I am willing to try anything at this point. I know I have yeast over growth because I see mucus in my stool and I have the classic white stuff on the tounge. Hoping to clear all the yuckies out. Thanks for your advice and have a good night