question about hip pain and lower abdominal pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellygirl, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. kellygirl

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    I have the hip pain but now it is in the front of the hips in the bladder area. I can't tell if it is connective tissue or what is going on.

    I thought maybe go to my ob/gyn and maybe get a scan or whatever they decide. I want to know if is it the FMS or is something else going on? I do have a prolapsed uterus from having 3 children, I am 57 and in menapause.

    I am not sure if I should go to this doctor or a rheumatologist. I think have the ob/gyn rule anything out then maybe go see a rheumy?

    I lift my grandson, and he is over 30 pounds and I can feel the pressure on my bladder or vagina when lifting. But, how to get him into the car seat? to the table? dressing? He isn't 2 yet and thinks it is fun to run from Nanny after his bath...LOL

    I do deal with sciatica, degenerative discs, arthritis to name a few and did get my SS last year.
  2. TigerLilea

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    Is it possible that you need a hip replacement?
  3. inprog

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    When I get gout, my left hip hurts bad. When I take an herbal gout medicine, it goes away. I avoid spinach and such things that aggravate the gout. No beans, of course and fish, bare minimum. I use Goutrol that you can get in any good health food store. I only take it when I have the problem and it goes away. Gout runs in families. Any in yours maybe? Likely this is not it, though but thought I would throw it out there. No, my big toe does not hurt first for my gout. Its my hip.
  4. kellygirl

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    I woke this morning and it felt somewhat better from rest, but I need to address this issue because I want to be able to be mobile, esp. this Summer. Gout? Never thought of that one and diet-related.

    I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks everyone.
  5. Chelz

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    I just came back from visiting my OB/GYN for the exact same reason as you. I am not in menopause, yet, I'm 45. I get horrible hip pain, low back pain, then it wraps around to the abdominal area, and it also feels like it is in the bladder as well.

    The only difference between you and I is our age, and I do not have any children. I went to the GYN, to rule out if maybe I had fibroid tumors, ovarian tumors, etc. She did not feel any ovarian cysts and said my uterus is small, so I'm assuming that means I don't have fibroids.

    I wanted to rule these things out. I do also deal with L4, L5 and S1 disk pain. I have often wondered if it was c onnective tiusse pain as well, or maybe myofascial pain syndrome which is so common with FMS patients. My next visit is with a new rheumatologist in March, he was on the "good doctor list", but I'm not putting out too much hope on that, but I have to try.

    I have often wondered if my pain was related to bladder spasms, or an irritable bladder, sometimes I just think it's the awful, dreaded FMS, but sometimes I think it's not, so confused and I understand where you are coming from. Hugs, Chelz.
  6. kellygirl

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    Thanks for posting and letting me know. My sister also said about a hernia, but I don't feel any bulging in the ab area.....Let us know if you find anything else out and I will post also.
  7. Chelz

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    Your welcome. I will post after I see the rheumy at the end of March. I had to beg and plead to get into see him, he's a very busy doctor, but that doesn't really meen anything to me anymore. Having the buring hip, thigh and low back pain right now, wrapping around the abdominals, so awful, can't stand it, I may not even be able to stay too much on the boards tonight. Anyway, I will try to post about anything he may have to say about this. Hugs, Chelz.