Question about hot flashes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vp, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. vp

    vp New Member

    I was supposed to see my PCP yesterday and was going to ask him, but they had to reschedule my appt.

    Anyway, I've been having these episodes where I get so hot the sweat is literally dripping off of me. I feel weak and nausious and lightheaded. Heven't passed out from it yet, but have almost fallen several times due to the dizziness and weakness. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks, usually early afternoon. All 3 times I felt good (as good as it gets) in the morning and this sudden heat wave hits me like a brick wall.

    I've been overly sensitive to the heat all summer, I have found that anything above 60 F is uncomtortable, above 75 F unbearable.

    No new meds recently, only percocet for the pain from having my tonsils out 2 weeks ago. The first episode I had taken percocet that morning, It wasn't the first day I had taken it. There doesn't seem to be a pattern with it. The other 2 episodes were after I stopped taking it.

    I'm 35 could this be the "hot flashes" I've heard about. I never heard of them wiping anyone out like they did me. More of an embarassing or annoying thing than what I experienced. These put me in bed with a fan and AC on high for hours. Completely exhausted, couldn't even find the energy to roll over for the first few hours.

    I've had my thyroid checked recently and everything was ok there.

    Any other explanations out there? I'm out of guesses on this one.


  2. cindymindy

    cindymindy New Member

    I live 15 miles from a small city. I drove myself to a store there last weekend and I'll never do it again.
    I broke out in a sweat and ended up sitting on the bathroom floor throwing up. Here I was stuck, nobody with me to drive and so sick. Next time my hubby will go with me.
  3. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    There is no preparation. It can happen if I'm active or if I'm sitting still. Just all of a sudden, a river starts running down my forhead and into my eyes, sometimes blinding me. It happens at the most odd times, and people have noticed that my hair is wet, or that I really "dripping" and have made comments like, "hot flash?" It gets embarrassing. I'm 58, had a total hysterectomy over 15 years ago, and on estrogen therapy to boot. However, this has been a continuing thing now for about three years or since the diagnoses of FMS. I remember that it happened way before I would have hit menopause as well for a period of time. It has to be FMS, and I've heard others say that this type of thing is common if you have FMS/CFS, which I do have (both). Sometimes when I have these "flashes" I also run low grade fever. I usually run subnormal temps.

    I have my hair really cut short now so that it's not so bad if it gets drippy wet, and I can shampoo every day and let it air dry.

    "Cool" wishes, Jeannette
  4. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Who lives in Oregon, is having a serve case of un-explained Hot Flashes, that never stops.
    They are not the regular kind, and she does have FMS along with other conditions.

    She has her hair cut off, bald, and her house is like a Freezer, so she bundles up, the rest of her body, but leaves her Face uncovered so she doesn't get that Hot Flush, that drives her crazy.

    She has been to a Dertomolgist, but he couldn't help her, and even wrote a letter telling her that he didn't want her as a pt.
    The Jerk. He had treated my Mom in the past and was rude to her also.

    Anyway, nobody can figure out, what it causing it.

    I have been researching this for her, and I haven't come across anything yet, but then I haven't had much time lately to be on the computer right now.
    Backache, and also I have my GD here for the weekend. ;o)

    Hope there are some more replies, and maybe an answer to what this is.?

    Have a Great Day,
  5. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I had the exact same problem. Felt like I was in an oven. Burning up from the inside out. Really bad during the night.

    My estrogen and progesterone levels were extremely low. Also problems with my thyroid. Once I started working on those areas through the doctor they all went away within one week.

    I can totally relate.

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  6. blondie45

    blondie45 New Member

    I am so happy that others can relate to this. I am, for the first time ever, so looking forward to winter this year. I cannot stand it anymore if the temperature is above 60 degrees. I cannot do anything without sweating and feeling lightheaded most of the time. I was thinking it was the start of menopause but now that the weather has cooled off I don't seem to be getting these intense sweating episodes.
  7. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    Good detective work there Kate! Yes I noticed Valerie said her episodes started within the last few weeks. Could be related to the surgery.

    You might have a post-infection.

    Better get that checked out

  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Could be peri-menopause.
  9. lilione

    lilione New Member

    There is a great site "Power Surge" that might be of some help to you.
    Hope you find the cause soon, Lili
  10. vp

    vp New Member

    It's good to know we're all sweating together. It should be easy on the heating bills if this keeps up. It's been in the 50's, 60's here and I'm perfectly content with my furnace set at 60.

    The surgery looks and feels good. Solid food finally!!! Two weeks on popsicles and chicken broth and water. UGHhhh And I didn't lose a pound. I was concerned with the timing too. I see my doc this week just to be sure everything is healing the way it should be.

    My boyfriend and I went to see "Wallace and Gromit" yesterday. He wore sweater and long pants, I wore shorts and T-shirt. He was still cold, I was sweating. I thought the girl was supposed to be the one who is always too cold, not the other way around. Ha Ha....

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