question about kids with common warts ( Any dermatologists would be great)

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    My three year old has had common warts on her hands, nail beds, feet and lower lip since two. She has seen the doctor. She got one on her butt. Not the anal area, just the cheek. Does anyone know why she is more suscpetible to them than the other 5 kids? Also the butt one, is this from wiping or scratching her butt etc? Any knowledge would be helpful.
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    I have no idea. I grew up in an area that was forest in one section then the others mostly farms. I have arts all around my fingers and there was no figuring it out. As I matured before going into 7th grade, they all disappeared. I don't know what that means.

    Talk to your daughter's doctor about all this. I had a planter's wart on my hand about 15 years ago that had to be surgically removed. At that time I was employed by a company as a "floater" and would fill in at any desks where the person was out sick or they were on vacation. So I was at various computers every day. After that, I began using Lysol and cleaning the desks and computer keyboards prior to use.

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    You can't expect immediate answers here. It is in the morning, storms are in various parts of the country. So please have patience.

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