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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    just wonder if any one else has days when even the light in the house and from the computer screen bothers them,Light bothers me out side and some stores but this is kind of different i feel a pressure in the bridge of my nose and a very slight headache.but have been having muscle spasms in the back of my neck and top of my head al day.
    Also does anyone have a really good pillow? I"ve tried just about everyone made and just can"t find the right one.
    Thanks. Sixtyslady
  2. livin4him

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    I changed all of my bulbs to the Phillips "Almost like Sunlight" bulbs. It makes a huge difference for me. It gives off the blue light, instead of the yellow with regular bulbs. Also, I cannot stand overhead lights. I just use lamps all of the time.

    The pillow I got that I like is from Brookstone. It's a Tempurpedic Queen Extra Thick Cervical Pillow. I am a side sleeper and needed the extra thick to fit under my neck and shoulder.

    Can't do without my neck pillow in my recliner. It is shaped like a horseshoe. 100% brushed polyester material (almost like velvet) with pillow stuffing in it. Although too much to begin with - just zipped oper and removed some stuffing to save for later as it goes down.

    Hope your headache gets better. Will say a prayer that it will. Hope this helps.

    Hope this helps. Blessings to you.
  3. sixtyslady

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    I"m going to try both the lights and the pillow.just a tip when i see something on a post such as yours I keep a note book and write down the tips that way I don"t forget them.
    Thanks again. sixtyslady
  4. code34me

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    Yes Sixtyslady the sun keeps going in and out of the clouds today and everytime the sun comes out the brightness hurts my eyes. I have always been sensative to sunlight but more so now days. The puter does get to me all of the sudden I just cant look at it anymore and have to take a break.

    I have tried alot of pillows and the one I have now I cant be without! It is just a very good king size down pillow. I splurged on it and it has been worth every penny. I like it because you can shape it any way you want. It conforms to wich ever way I am sleeping ( I have to change positions alot because I get to sore staying in one position.

    Well Sixtslady take care of you!

  5. livin4him

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    to add that I got my "recliner" pillow at Walgreen's drug store. I think it was 9.99, I've seen them on sale though too. It really helps to support my neck and head when I lay back in my recliner.

    By the way, I'm sure you already do them, but some simple stretching always help mine.
  6. sixtyslady

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    thanks again for the the way if anyone knows where I can purchase a strecthing video for fibro please let me know. Going to try the light bulbs and see if I can find the right Pillow.

  7. mamaeagle0103

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    My biggest problem is also sunlight,which I hate because I LOVE to be in the warm sun. I is real bad when I am driving and the sun keeps slamming me through the trees in my peripheral vision. Kind of like a strobe light. That is the worst for me. I just want to ball up and avoid it all together at those times.