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    I tried posting this once, but it didn't show up on the message board. I'll try again. I went to the doc yesterday and my blood pressure was low. I dont know the bottom number but the top number was 92. The nurse told me to ask the doc about it and when I did, he didn't seem overly concerned. He just asked a few questions such as do you feel dizzy, lightheaded when you get up, etc. to which I replied no. He said although it was low, it wasn't really abnormal for my age (I'm 32). Can anyone explain what the top and bottom numbers mean in laymen terms. I am totally ignorant about blood pressure because I have never had to be concerned with it. Also, could this possibly be the culprit for me being sleepy/tired all the time??? I am currently not in a flare-up (Thank God) because I could totally understand why I was tired all the time then. I tried to search the messages by entering "low blood pressure" but only one post came up and it didn't explain anything for me. I would greatly appreciate anyone breifly explaining this to me. Thanks!!!
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    As far as I know, the high number indicates when the heart constricts (the push) and the low number indicates when the heart relaxes (the woosh).

    I've had low blood pressure my whole life, runs in my family. Doctors always see it as a good sign (little chance for stroke, heart attack, etc..) and just tell me not to stand up too fast. Uh, I could have told them that!

    Every single person on my mom's side of the family has seriously low blood pressure. With one exception I am the only one with energy issues and the only one with fibromyalgia. One does tend toward cold feet in the winter with it, that sort of thing, but nothing to get upset about.

    There may be a direct connection, but I've never heard of it in any context in or out of the doctors' office. I just saw a MD who has tons of fibro patients and she didn't mention it and we talked exhaustively.

    As far as I know it means we can eat a lot of salt!

    One interesting coincidence in my family. Nearly every single person in my family, both sides, has OCD, ADD, Bipolar, etc... (most of the little ones now too) except me and my eldest sister. I find it interesting that the same shortage of neurotransmitters to blame in those illnesses are involved in fibromylgia. And all this time I thought I got off the hook!

    Funny that, eh?

    Anyway, in my experience nothing to worry about.