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    I've had a sore throat when I wake up in the morning for a while now (at least 2-3 weeks) and also have had what I think is PND (post nasal drip) for about as long (or longer, not sure).

    The sore throat seems to go away after a little while in the morning and doesn't really bother me during the day, but I still have PND I think and feel the need to clear my throat/swallow a lot during the day.

    In the course of feeling my neck for any swollen lymph nodes as a sign of perhaps the flu/etc, I felt a lump on the side of my larynx. It feels kind of like a very hard ball and is more towards the middle of the neck (have to push in a little to feel it). I feel something similiar on the other side, but it's not as pronounced, and seems like it's more "buried" inside the neck (e.g. I have to push in further to feel it). It also feels like perhaps the side with the more noticable bump is further "out" both laterally (more to the right) and forward (away from the front of my body). I *think* this might be the first cartilage ridge on the larynx, but I'm not sure. It might be the kind of V shaped cartilage at the top of the larynx, in which case the one side feels like it has more of a rounded edge towards the outter/top edge of the "V", something like:


    Hehe forgive my poor ascii art skills :p

    Is it normal to have this kind of slight non-symmetry? I don't want to jump to conclusions about throat cancer of course, but I'm curious if this is normal anatomy or not (hopefully I've explained it well enough). I was a smoker from about 18 to 23 (about a pack a day) and have now been tobacco free for about 3 years now.

    I'd appreciate some comments. I'm going to visit my doctor to see about the sore throat in the morning and PND and I'll ask him about the neck as well and have him feel it, but just curious if others have felt this sort of difference on one side than the other.
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    The PND is simple to take care of use some suedafed or comparable otc med and that should clear that problem up for you. Nextly, I would reccommend a trip to your doc and ask for them to check your thyroid gland. It sounds like what you are describing are the two lobes on either side of the larynx if not the thyroid could be the parathyroids on the back side of the thryoid nodes are a little bit enlarged and you may have to take some medication for it.
    As for your sore throat you are correct in your assumtion that it could be created from PND, however it could also be caused from dry air in the home. Try a humidifier.
    As for your art work not bad, I have seen docs that I wish would write that legible. LOL
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    Thank you very much for your response, it is much appreciated :)

    The kind of ballish lumps I'm describing are extremely hard and from what I can tell connected to the rest of the cartilage. Would the thyroid or parathyroid be this hard? No idea myself :)

    I have an appointment with the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office Thursday morning so hopefully she can take a feel and see if there's anything abnormal.

    Once again thanks for the response!
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    I'd like to Welcome you to the Boards!!!

    Have them check for a Thyroid Goiter. I have a multi-
    nodular goiter on my thyroid. It gives me a feeling of being
    choaked at times and sometimes it is difficult to swallow.

    Mine was discovered by having a simple painless
    UltraSound of that area done. My endocrinologist had a
    CT scan with contrast done and a Flow Volume Loop
    done yesterday. Neither of which hurt. I'll get results
    Dec. 24th.

    Just a thought for you to maybe check into...

    Again Welcome to the Boards!

    All the Best!

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    Thanks for the response :)

    The nurse practitioner said it was normal. I forget the name she called it, but she said it was a normal thing (could feel it on both sides), but it's protruding a bit more on that side (which I guess is normal).

    As far as the feeling of tightness from my ear along my cheek/jaw line, she thinks there's fluid or irritation in the ear, so I got some nasal spray that she said should clear things up and stop the post-nasal drip that is probably causing the morning sore throats.

    Hopefully that's all it is! Thanks again for all the responses.
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    Glad to hear that things came out well for you, and that you had things checked out. And see that you are feeling better about things! I love a good ending
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    Thanks for your support :)

    I'm glad things came out ok as well. Still not sure what my other symptoms are about (fatigue, malaise, aching lower back and collar/should area). My Nurse did do a CBC with platelets/diff, hepatic and renal blood tests, so hopefully I will get those results soon.

    Take care!
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    What was it after all the tests were done?