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    I just had surgery to remove Thyroid. Surgery went well, but lots of problems since. I know Anesthesia is famous for reactivating herpes viruses and this may be my problem. But is there any evidence for Anesthesia exasserbating Lyme?

    I was dx. with POSSIBLE Lyme in June, based on a very LOW CD 57 test. I am having horrible brain problems, hot brain, hurting brain in front, horrible anxiety, obsessive thoughts, sometimes racing, fleeting thoughts, feel like eyes jump around, but I dont think they really do. SEVERE insomnia.

    These are all new symptoms, AND, I am unable to tolerate my thyroid meds, likely due to untreated adrenal insufficiency. Out of the last 7 days, I've only had CRUMBS of my thyroid meds on 3 days. The rest I have been going without any. (Per my doctors orders) And, I am having rising temps, up to 98.8 tonight. How weird is that, little or no thyroid hormone yet a normal/high temp. (I am usually around 96-97), Sometimes lower.

    Any hints on what is going on? I have an appointment with a Naturopath in Vermont on Tues. but think that is too long to wait. Oh, and I had my teeth cleaned yesterday, and premedicated with Amoxicillan 2000 mg. for possible Mitral Valve Prolapse, as I always do for cleanings, and because I just had surgery less than 3 weeks ago.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Hi, I too have possible Lyme with a low CD-57 count. Several years ago I had surgery. I came home and went into flare. I just think that surgery is such a stress to our bodies and could produce a flare with lots of symptoms. I'm not sure if the anesthesia could exacerbate Lyme but I guess it's possible. A lot of us don't do so well with Anesthesia. So it could be a combination of anesthesia, surgery, stress that causes these symptoms on top of what we already have. Sorry, this is all I can come up with. Have you googled anesthesia and Lyme? Maybe you can find something. Perhaps your Dr. has an explanation? I sure hope you feel better soon and find some info, Jess
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    My last, bad flare happened at the dentists office. My hygenist wanted to do a deep cleaning, telling me insurance would cover it, and why not get a more thorough cleaning?

    The shot (Novocane?) made my jaw lock half open. I couldn't move my jaw until it wore off. She offered gas (laughing gas?), and I thought why not? But, it was awful, and I felt worse as the hour went. I left that office sick, and it became clear that whatever I had (I thought ME/FM at the time) had progressed.

    I'm really glad I got diagnosed with lyme soon after that, because I was getting far worse than ever before, with pain being the top problem.
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    I'd suggest contacting one ASAP. I have no idea on how the removal of your thryoid would affect the Lyme; plus the anesthesia. Many people with Lyme have thryoid problems.

    You'd be wise to find a doc that also works with hormones and is familiar with Lyme.
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    Your very similiar to my case. When you have ME just assume you have Lyme as well, literally took me 10 tests, and I saw a research article stating that 85% of ME have Lyme.

    And yes ME and Lyme are seperate diseases.

    The problem is you have a ton of chemicals,Lyme,ME that trio is the worst to have, not to mention everything else we have. Your gonna be a universal reactor to everything and over the years sensitivites progress, which you probably have noticed, this is due to the toxins adding up.

    Thesetoxins are getting a free ride on our neurons!! Unless we get rid of the chemicals we will never heal and thats why ME is horrific, we cant detox.

    Dr Lee Cowden invented a LASER DETOX but you must get your ME doctor in touch with him to explain ME and our intolerances so he can customize a laser detox program for you. The laser actually pulls out chemicals/metals etc out of our deep tissues. He is out of Phoenix.
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    Thanks you all for suggestions and good wishes. I ended up paying for a 2 hour consultation with a Compounding Pharmacist who treats using Functional Medicine. He got me started on a product called Cortisol Manager, which is mostly phosphatidylserine with a few other goodies tucked in. Has helped the anxiety a lot, the sleep, not too much. Am getting very little sleep.

    Not sure if I'm going to keep my other appt. on Tuesday, since his recommendations will likely conflict with this guy.
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    I don't know where my head was at when I read your post.

    I got diagnosed solely on a low CD57 count and history of symptoms. Some say the CD57 isn't totally accurate because some have a high number and still have lyme. But, nothing but lyme disease has yet been shown to lower the count.

    I highly recommend finding a LLMD to treat you.

    One way to do that is go to Lymenet and ask someone to private message you the names and addresses of a lime literate MD.

    It looks like Munch has some links for you too. I think I'll check them out.

    LLMDs (lyme literate physicians) are the doctors who risk their licenses to treat lyme. They are the ones who either have lyme themselves or someone they love does.

    The way they treat lyme goes against the mores of medical say-so, and the pressure is on them to conform, but they know how to treat this illness. It is very tricky to diagnose and treat.

    You will need help with hormones and infection. My LLMD has helped me with both. (I had graves' disease years ago, and went the PTU route)

    I hope you get good help soon.