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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tkearn5000, Aug 23, 2008.

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    I have seen alot of people on here have lyme, and was wondering if it is possible to have lyme without pain? I have been diagnosed with cfids, and have many of the symptoms. I do not, however, have any pain. I have had positive tests for ebv, and hhv6, and a negative lyme test. However, many posts indicate that lyme is hard to accurately detect. Is it something I should still be worried about?
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    It is entirely possible, as it depends not only on you (genetics) but also what other co-infections may be present. They are all 'stealth pathogens' as they can hide out inside cells.

    Lyme itself is a spirochete, a much more complex spirochete cousin of syphilis. You may know that syphilis was called the great masquerader? Lyme is even better at it, as it can invade anywhere in the body, inside your cells, ANYWHERE.

    As an example: it can show up entirely as a neuro=cognitive problem. There was an FSU star quarterback in 2005 who was found wandering down the street, half-undressed, disheveled, mumbling he was God, etc...

    Many thought he'd been slipped a drug or something. He was in a hospital and nothing could be found, 1 way or another.

    Finally a friend of the family suggested lyme, and he turned out to be positive. IV abx got him on the road to recovery, altho he was unable to return to football he was able to continue with college.

    The only changes noted before that was that teammates had noticed he'd been 'acting oddly' beforehand.

    My own son went thru depression/anxiety first, then chronic fatigue symptoms like my own. Depressing and scary to watch. Then it progressed to the migrating aches and pains... but from what we can tell from the tests etc, it took several years to get to that point. He was CDC positive 2X... and remember, those CDC 'required bands' are only for tracking purposes, not clinical purposes. And yet all his regular bloodwork showed 'normal' results.

    There's a good post I started and many have added to on the lyme board here (click on message boards above to find it) about general Lyme info, links, and info about protocols... you might want to start reading about it.

    there's a host of co-infections that can be present that can be gotten from ticks, with or without lyme - mycoplasma is one that has been talked about often here - and so many more.

    all the best,

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