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    i live on the coast of Texas and have all my life, my question is, should i be tested for lyme?? i can remember being bit by ticks as a child, and oddly have been sick for most of my life. also about 4 years ago my family and i went on vacation, thru several states. we were at a state park in Arkansas and that evening at the hotel i found a tick on the back of my neck!!!!
    Doc has never mentioned lyme to me, maybe because of where i live at, and i have never brought it up either. but now im thinking its something that needs to be done. any advice??? thanks, Kat
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    Lyme has been found everywhere except, I think Utah (at least a few years ago). So yes definitely you could have it. The thing is that blood tests, even the Western Blot, is not very conclusive (at best 70% reliable if done by IGenex). Even the CDC says it is a clinical diagnosis.

    Please go to the lyme board here, I and others have posted many sites you can visit with a LOT of info that will help to educate yourself, including how to locate a good LLMD (Lyme Literate MD).

    SO many have found they have it after being dx'd with CF/FM/ME...

    but remember whether or not you have Lyme itself, you likely also have other infections that are transmitted by ticks and other ways, such as mycoplasma, bartonella, babesiosis, to name only 3. Few have Lyme alone, it's usually what I call "Lyme & Co", the 'Co" standing for co-infections.

    Good luck, I know there's a good LLMD in Springfield MO but not sure about in Tx. Where I live, there were none; we had to travel 200 miles away to take my son to one.

    all the best,

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    I absolutely agree with Victoria. I have had FM for over 20 years. I just found out I have lyme. I will be seeing a lyme literate MD in early Feb and look forward to starting treatment with a great hope of recovery.

    I insisted on an Igenex western blot. I educated myself about the diagnosis of lyme through Dr Burrascano's paper and others. I learned how to properly read a western blot, and which bands were species specific. When the overall interpretation of my western blot was "negative", I knew better. You have to look at each band's results and compare to the diagnostic hints from Dr B's paper, ILADS guidelines, and Dr James Schaller's "Western Blots Made Easy".

    Because I knew that my positive bands were clinically signifigant, I called a lyme literate MD's office and they confirmed that it indicated lyme disease and gave me an appt.

    Please also read my post, "FM and CFS symptoms can be lyme: all should read this info". In that post I mention some articles/papers you should read. It is astounding information. Don't could be the next one who has hope of recovery.

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