question about magnesium and pain relief

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eeyoreblue02, Jun 27, 2006.

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    I have awakened every morning with a terrible backache for five days now. I ran out of my magnesium/calcium/vitamin D supplements about a week and a half ago.

    Do you think there is a connection?

  2. eeyoreblue02

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    I took four tablets a day, two in the morning and two at night per doctor's recommendation, for about six weeks. I ran out and am so bad about putting off picking up anything for myself, yet so quick to get things for hubby and our son.

    It was not just muscle pain. I have LOTS of joint pain and right now my early morning back aches are definitely joint pain.

    I feel ike it was helping. I do intend to pick up another bottle ASAP. Even if that was not what was helping me with the back pain, there are other good reasons to have those supplements.

    Don't give up. Maybe you need to up your dosage?

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    My husband and my physical therapist have said my back is incredibly tense. Yesterday my son was watching every move the PT made, so she was explaining a lot of her moves to him. She said, Look right here at this muscle in your mom's back. It is as hard as a rock.

    I didn't make the connection with the cal/mag/D until today. I guess I'm dense.

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    This is what I was taking four of each day.

    Calcium (carbonate/ citrate-mylate) 1000mg
    Magnesium (oxide/citrate) 500 mg
    Horsetail Extract 100 mg
    Lysine HCI 100 mg
    Boron (citrate) 3 mg
    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 400 iu

    Remember, this was with my doctor's recommendation, so I would think you should trying upping your dose, definitely.

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    Sounds like you better get your butt out there and get some more!! Maybe you'd feel better in a couple of days..

    Good luck!
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    We don't always realize how much a supplement is helping us until we run out. And then, dummy me, it took me a few days to put two and two together!