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    ok heres the deal... i was told by my doctor... to have my records sent to her new office just go into the old office and sign a release and they'll send them.. no biggy... since i'm a medicade patient they can not charge me for the records... well they did... $10... and my lawyers office sent a release to the rumeys office and they sent me a bill for $12 as well.. so my question is whats the deal.. i'm just asking ya'll here first... i'm going to call my lawyers office at 1 o'clock when they get back from lucnh just thought that maybe someone on here had already been through this "hoop" already .... thanks just the same ,,take it easy ,, elizabeth
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    Just based on my personal and professional experience (as a HIV case manager). I have found that if the new doc directly requests your records from the old doc that you will not be charged copying fees, etc. They send the records as a professional courtesy. As for the attorney needing records, in my experience the doc office does charge a fee but this fee is charged to the attorney who then gets repaid once your case is finalized.

    Hope this helps - Best of Luck!