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    I have seen a few posts on Mercury here, I tried to find one that has a connection to the complaints of body pains or an association to CFS/FM (haven't found it yet)..but there are so many I thought I'd ask if someone knew where the main post is and what it's title is so I can be lazy and go straight to it.

    That's if there is a connection...If there is I'd find it curious, since I recently relocated to the NW and have been fishing and eating an awful lot of halibut and other bottom fish...I've heard that the little ones (under 50 lbs) aren't to be worried over....but I never had these problems until moving if there is a connection... for thought...:)

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    is blamed for virtually any condition under the sun, according to what I have read. You name it, according to the proponents of the theory, mercury could be to blame. Chronic fatigue is definitely on lists I have seen, along with virtually everything else that could possibly ail one. The same is true of food allergies, candida, hypothyroidism, and so on down the litany of alternative medicine. I find it EXTRAORDINARILY difficult to sort out all this information, particularly in the absence of double blinded studies, definitive tests, and the tremendous controversy between the conventional and alternative crowds.
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    gcalex makes a good point---the difficulty in sorting all this out when conventional doctors don't even acknowledge the problem, then there's the issue of trying to identify one issue (like mercury toxicity) from another .

    In my case, I have tested positive for high mercury, but also for severe food allergies, so it's difficult to tell if both are contributing to my FM symptoms, one is, or neither! I'm doing the chelation therapy for my mercury problem, and am on a strict diet/supplement program for the allergies, but I believe I've had both so long, it'll be a while to see positive results from addressing these issues.

    If you are concerned about mercury, you can get tested for it. You might as well, if it's NOT a problem, then at least you can carefully eat fish without worry. I eat some fish on my allergy rotation diet (because I have so few healthy sources of food to choose from), but I'm careful to avoid large fish that are more likely to contain mercury, and obviously also avoid fish I'm allergic to, like shrimp.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for the info...I find doctors confusing...diagnoses confusing...or maybe I should say "lack of diagnoses" are confusing...and yes, much of the information is conflicting and confusing!

    Oh well...until somebody finds an answer, I think I'll just go on doing my own personal best to cope with whatever comes up and continue reading up on "the latest news" until something reliable and proven makes it's way onto the scene!

    Things aren't that bad for me right now...I know that after reading a lot of the posts here...If they stay as they are I can deal just fine with it! God willing they won't get any worse! I've been sick before with an unrelated least I think it wonder??? And I got through that!!!

    I sincerely wish the best to all here...I know what it's like to not be able to get out of live in a fog and not be able to think be sick day in and day be at the mercy of an unloving spouse, and the worse part of have nobody understand...