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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CountryButterfly, Apr 29, 2010.

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    I am try to understand fibromyalgia. I know about the "18" tender points. But, are those the "ONLY" painful areas in the muscles? I have tried researching this but I get more confused the more I read!!

    This is why I ask... I have been diagnosed with fibro, but wonder if that is really what I have. Without going into great detail, one thing that I wonder about is my muscle pain. I have LOTS of it. Especially when touched, and especially in my arms. I have leg pain too, and areas on my legs are sensitive to touch, and my back hurts really, really bad to touch - but seems to be specific 'spots' that the doctor touches that hurt- all thought there are MANY of them!!!! . But my upper arms hurt 'all over' from what I can tell. It is not a 'specific' spot or 'point' that hurts. Is that 'normal'? Tonight, I bumped my arm (brushed it really) on something & was surprised that it seriously hurt as if I had been punched. But it was not a "spot" it was an "all over" pain. This is not the first time this has happened. It makes me wonder since I keep reading about specific "tender points" in are those the only places that are suppose to hurt? If you have fibro, do you have muscle pain elsewhere or hurt when you get bumped lightly?

    THANKS in advanced!

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    I believe the legendary 18 spots are just what the group who defined the research criteria found were most common amongst those believed to suffer FMS. You can have sore spots almost anywhere.
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    The "tender points" are pressure points as used in acupressure or acupuncture. They are used to help diagnose fibro. But fibro sufferers have all over muscle/nerve pain, but the pain can also locate in certain spots. For example, I have all over pain, but the pain seems to like to really dig in to my left rib cage. Also in fibro, your body interprets pressure as pain. That's why it can hurt when someone hugs you or you lightly brush or bump into something.
    There are many diseases & disorders that share common symptoms with fibro. That is one of the reasons why a diagnoses is hard to get sometimes. You can also have fibro & other disorders together.
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    You are wise to question your pain. FM might be a diagnosis, but it really should be considered a symptom if you want to find the CAUSE and recover.

    With a FM diagnosis, Dr's will drug you for the rest of your life and you will not get better.

    It is likely that your symptoms are due to chronic infection(s).

    Many, many people here who were diagnosed with FM or CFS, later found out they had a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (Lyme) and common coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia.

    Please look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 of this paper...........
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    Oh your pain can be everywhere and it can be a whole limb or part of your body. My entire legs ache so badly. Mine feels like it is often in my bones, but my thighs it's muscle pain and aches. The pain is kind of hard to describe.

    Some people with Fibro can't be touched, or are very sensitive to touch in certain areas. I'm okay for the most part. Many people come up to hug me, then say "oh sorry" and I say "I can be hugged!" Many can't though with Fibro, it hurts. So you're not unusual with your type of pain.

    I have 'spots' in my back that can't be pressed on at all. It makes me jump. However I don't really have 'back pain'. Everyone's pain is a little different, but it's the unexplained pain where nothing is wrong (physically) and the host of other symptoms (and ruling out other things) that brings us to the diagnosis of Fibro. The tender points are a common "diagnostic" test. I don't have all of them on all days.

    Hopefully your Dr. is helping you with your pain? Also, it's most important that you have great support!
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    Thank you so much for all your replies. I wanted to keep my first post as short as possible to increase the likelihood that it would be read & responded to. I had a hard time finding an "active" fibro support forum through google. Yours seemed to be the most active I could find. I am so glad I got a response!!

    I was just recently diagnosed with fibro. At first the diagnoses was just myofascial pains. (I was in a car accident a year ago that injured my already damaged and weakened spine) Aside from all the back issues & pain...A few months after the accident I started noticing that my arms hurt all over, but especially the back of my arms like in the deltoid/tricep area, and my chest area under the collar bones and above the "girls" (can we use the B word here?) At times, it hurt to touch the back of my arms so bad I would have SWORN they were badly bruised and beaten up! And when my son 'tapped me' playfully the top of my shoulder it hurt! I have some form of balance condition & have a tendency to walk into things...and realized that instead of something just 'stinging' a bit - it hurt instead...and the pain seems to linger. It doesn't go away is as if whatever caused the pain is still there. SO it is the 'all over' type of muscle pain, that hurts for no reason and lingers even after the bump that caused it is long past but is not necessarily at one of those "18" points that made me 'wonder' :) that I know it can be muscle pain all over - and that it can move or be better & worse at different times - that makes me feel better about the diagnosis. Unfortunately the Lyrica that seemed to help with the muscle soreness at first seems to have lost its helpfulness now. We upped the dose to 300mg daily, but I still hurt to touch & muscles ache to use them. (can muscle ache when using them - even seemingly minor things like using arms to put hair up in a pony tail etc. part of this diagnosis?) Not sure what if anything is next to do for pain, symptoms etc. I do not know what else that is going on with me that is part of this diagnosis. So many symptoms, so many things overlap with each other. Guess I will keep reading & asking questions....

    Country Butterfly....

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