Question about muscles, burn and itch severly after walking.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Quequay, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Quequay

    Quequay New Member

    I hope this question doesn't seem strange.
    Ever since I can remember (which is sketchy these days!) After a walk or exercise my muscles burn, itch, feel like electricity through them and the skin gets extremely red, raw and hot almost like a rash. I always figured it was the "burn" you get when you exercise but it seems to happen when it shouldn't. I take my dog for a walk almost every day for almost two years, force myself to even on bad days so I keep in somewhat good "shape" and she stays happy. I haven't changed the walking distance in months or a year, just to the post office and around a couple blocks but recently the burn has started even with shorter walks. What is muscle burn supposed to feel like??? I have been experiencing extreme, to the max, hip pain lately and hope it isn't connected, I have joint troubles all over. My favorite doctor who left her practice for research work years ago has returned to famliy practice but you need insurance so I am working on that. Until then I can't afford dr visits. Should I be worried?
  2. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I am not much of a walker anymore, in fact I do as little as possbile because I burn and hurt afterwards too! In fact, the hip pain is where my FMS actually began. I would itch and ache in my hips after walking and even after sleeping if I laid on my sides. I would scratch until the skin was blood red. I haven't had this lately (knock on wood) but I certainly do remember the pain it caused. Hope it helps to know someone else feels the same way. Have a good weekend!
  3. AnneTheresa

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    I was told this sensation (as you described) was caused by a build up of lactic acid. Massage is the only thing I've found to help.

    My own rule of thumb is anytime there's a change in my symptoms (a worsening of a symptom I've had for a while or a sudden onset of something new) I like to check it out with my doctor.

    Try not to worry. Hopefully your insurance will be sorted out soon and you can afford a consultation.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  4. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    My hips "burn" with exercise and also wakes me up at night sometimes.

    I have some stretching exercises for the hips that help a lot. I am not real thrilled about getting out of bed to do them but sometimes I have to in order to get relief.

    Heat helps some, but not as much as the stretching exercises.
  5. Quequay

    Quequay New Member

    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue but that was only a quick diagnosis because I was supposed to get more testing to see if MS maybe the problem but I lost my insurance before the tests were done. I have the muscle pain of Fibro all the time but the hip pain is purely joint and is abosuletly aweful when it hits, My hips pop in and out during the pain cycle and popped out in the store today. I hope, hope that it is Fibro and not something else but that won't be known until I have insurance. I keep walking, hard with the rain so I play with my dog inside. I am so thankful for the responses at least to know I am not alone, Nothing like this has happend to my family so I don;t have someone to talk too. Thank you for being there, I really appreiate it so much!!
  6. Quequay

    Quequay New Member

    My joints are weird.. I am double and some parts if possible triple --- not so much! My joints can bend past the point that most people can. Guess I should have been a gymnist or contortionist (except I am 6' tall and clumsy!) I always wondered if my sudden growth spurt had contributed to the illness I have now. I've tried Yoga which I enjoyed but stopped when I got my puppy so I can train her, it didn't help with the pain but it made me mentally feel better and more loose feeling in the muscles, not so tight. I have tried glocosamin but always forget to keep taking it. Bad memory problems. My hip has been "popping" all my life, since childhood. I can remember not being able to move because of the pain and having my parents help until it popped back in. I am tracking my blood pressure and keeping a chart and listing all my trouble so when I do see the doctor I will have some history built up. I am hoping to get a picture of the redness that happens after I walk so she can see that. The pain had gone down a bit today in the hip...I am hoping to be able to get through a family function planned for today...we'll see
  7. Quequay

    Quequay New Member

    There is so much information on FM that it can be so confusing, sometimes I don't know if I am imagining what is happening to me or if it actually is something real. Thank you for the information. It is so possible that may be what is happening I just wish I could find out for sure so the bad thoughts can be put to rest. I don't wear restrictive clothing because I can not stand tight clothing. I don't doubt that there may be circulation troubles because I have low blood pressure, very low at some times and get dizzy alot. I also have ovarian cysts which worry me, if they are growing they may be restricting my circulation, nerves and causing my hip pain but I can not afford to go to the dr. I really wish we had a universal health care so no one has to go through this. Then I feel bad about feeling bad for myself when you hear about all the horrible things that people are going through down south and the earthquake in Pakistan. So hard to feel sorry for one's self when others are in such dire needs. I am so tired right now, the family function I went to lasted so long it has drained me and I am off to bed. I will re read the info you posted (THANK YOU!!) and make a copy for my files for the doctor. I want to make sure I read everything correctly since I am so tired I am not positive if I understand everything. I will definitely update on what happens. My hip has flared up from the cold snap today.. Off to bed but I check in tomorrow.
  8. Quequay

    Quequay New Member

    No need to appologize, I had a family function to go to yesterday and you can't show really how you feel there or you get lectured so I had to put on a "happy" face and keep from showing pain. It just totally drained me and when I got home and saw all the work you did to find the information for me I wanted to give a response even though I was exhausted. I guess I should have waited, sorry if I offended. After reading again now that I am some what lucid, the description of the nerves being "squeezed" may be the trouble with the severe pain and if my cysts are growing then that might be putting the pressure on which means gotta get to Dr sooner then later I guess. I have lost alot of weight over the last year and a half but it hasn't made a difference in the FM, you mentioned something called RDS?? What is that.
    Again I am truely sorry if I offened.
    Thank you for all your help, knowing someone is out there who can give you direction makes a big difference in being on a "path" toward something then lost going in circles, you got me on a path and that is more then I could ever ask for!
    Thank you,

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