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  1. coonsanders

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    hi folks

    ive had allergies till i used naet..its helped alot but there are still post treatments minor issues that my naet doctor said i would still have and that is nasel conjestion.....its getting better with time but its so slow..i mean there a nasel decongestant i could try that i could try?ive
    tried steroid spray, claiaton,sudafed, but they havent really there anything i could try?
    when i had allergies the steroid was great and really helping but since i zapped the allergies with naet it doesnt work so well.what can u suggest?

  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    I use the generic of the over-the-counter Ocean Nasal Spray, which is simply saline (salt water) spray. I do not want to use the prescription or over the counter nasal sprays and I do well with the generic form when I start getting congestion, cold, or sinus.