Question about neck pain and sinus pain connection

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  1. kjade

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    Everytime my neck goes into major spasm, and my trigger points (which are just below my ears in my neck) act up, I find that I develop severe sinus pain and congestion. I do have allergies, but they don't bother me unless my neck is hurting.

    Now, I have mentioned this to several Drs and they blow me right off. My ENT told me I needed to see a neurosurgeon since neck pain has nothing to do with sinuses. Others have told me there is no relation whatsoever. My chiro DID however, tell me sinuses drain somewhere in the back of the neck (or something like that).

    I spent YEARS being treated for chronic sinusitis with antibiotics and constantly taking OTC sinus meds (until they made it nearly a criminal act to buy pseudophedrine OTC!). The sinus meds always seem to help the neck pain and sinus pain somewhat.

    The past 2 days my neck has been so bad that it hurts right into my entire face, and my eyes even hurt, and I can't focus (if that makes sense).

    Does anyone ever notice this too, and if so, is there really a connection and my Drs just don't know what they are talking about?
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    the nerve endings for sinus, etc are right there in your neck - Have to search for the chart I'm thinking of; i'll repost if i find it. I had years of problems after a car accident; complaining to regular docs and they never got it. walked into a chiropractors' office and saw the chart and immediately made the connection to all my problems right to the spine areas that were injured. go figure.

    so yes there is a connection.
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  3. kjade

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    Yes I really think there is a connection. My chiro is the only one that acknowledged it. The way he explained it made sense. And the spinal problem makes sense too.
    I mean if your spine controls everything, it kinda makes sense.

    Yes, Juls - I would love to see the chart you are talking about..
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  4. juls6

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    C2 if the sinuses

    Here's the image

    I don't know what that site is - if its not allowed then I'll host the image on my own server.[This Message was Edited on 09/21/2007]
  5. grace54

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    have had sinus pain and infection for 2 weeks now and the pain seemed to move from head , neck and then down into shoulders. The abx helps with the inflamation too and gives some relief.:)
  6. kjade

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    My first chiro gave this chart to me years ago - I lost the paper so thanks so much for posting it. I was amazed when I studied it how much is actually affected by the spine and misalignments.

    Actually on my 1st visit with him, he was feeling around on my back, and asked me if I ever had stomach trouble. At that time, I had severe cramping and heartburn constantly with no known cause. He did something to my back and it went away. I have saved this chart - thank you!

    I believe the bulging disc in my neck is in C3 or C6, so that explains a lot.

    Well, glad to know I'm not alone with this. The Drs make me think I'm nuts and don't know what I'm talking about.
  7. tansy

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    are many; chiros and osteopaths tend to be better at picking these up than many conventional doctors.

    For info from various sources see:

    TC, Tansy
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  8. JaneSmith

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    I have to sleep almost sitting up because of the back of the neck pain. I haven't gone to the doctor for it. When I'm stressed out it gets worse. My job is stressing me a lot these days.
  9. LaQuiet

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    I have MPS in my neck and it ends up closing off my ear canal and that usually affects my sinus on that side also.. You might try talking to a doc that knows about Myofascial pain...
  10. tandy

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    I was getting alot of those neck headaches, with sinus pressure and finally got referred to a PT. She said the neck and sinus's are connected.

    at that time the therapist suggested mild neck traction to see if it would help. Surprizingly it did!!

    also,...I wrap a heated beanie around my neck too ease the discomfort.

    Hope this helps somewhat~
    I know how frustrating this is. I've suffered off and on for over 5 yrs.
    take care
  11. EvaAllNightLong

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    If I get a sinus headache, I pick up the phone and call me chiro. One visit and I'm cured. There are two pressure points (I guess you call them that) on the back of your head. He presses on those and I can feel my sinus' drain. I've always had sinus problems. More since I've had teeth pulled. My sinus' had dropped into the spots where my teeth roots were. I used to take all kinds of antibiotics for sinus headaches. Days of pain, heating pads, moist heat etc are over. I had a sinus headache the first time I saw a chiro. Unbelievable. I was so amazed. My neck and shoulders do hurt at the same time.
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  12. maryl

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    Do follow up on the myofascial pain idea. I am just learning about it, and you would be amazed how those trigger points refer pain to nearby areas, such as your problem.
  13. skycookiee

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    Im so happy i found this! im printing that chart and taking it to my doctor. ive suffered from chronic sinusitis for too long.
  14. Nanie46

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