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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. loto

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    Hi all
    My doctor is changing my Norco prescription from 7.5 mg to 10 mg.

    The 7.5 are just not helping me much anymore, and now I have more pain because of carpal tunnel that has just fired up in the past few months, and will not let up...I have to go for a nerve conduction study on the 25th.

    But anyway, someone told me that Norco 10 really helps them with pain, and it gives them alot of energy.

    Can anyone who takes it tell me about it please?

  2. Long story short...I was out camping in the desert for New Years (we like off roading). A friend out there had a tumor removed from his spine about a year ago and takes Norco for his pain. I have FM and take Ultram with 800mg of motrin for my pain. My hips were hurting so bad it was difficult to walk. He said take one of these (Norco) and you wont hurt or be tired. I broke down and took one. Awhile later I was standing next to the camp fire and all of the sudden noticed that for the first time in a very, very long time I did not feel any pain! I felt very good, I was standing there thinking wow this is amazing! I have chose not to take any narcotics due to the fact that my youngest son has Aspergers and is such a hand full that I can not afford to be more tired than I already am. I did not feel tired or high at all with that one Norco pill?

    I am interested to see what others say about this so will be checking back in. Oh...I did end up itching like crazy when I went to bed though, but I have crazy itchy spells at night a lot so thing I can deal with the itchiness's better than the pain ")
  3. hermitlady

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    Norco 10/325 has 10 mg Hydrocodone in it and 325 mg Aceto. If you were noticing the 7.5's weren't working, then of course an increase should help.

    I went thru increases in dosing over a 2.5 yr period...started w Vicodin 5/500 1x day (same med as Norco, but w lower hydro and more aceto).....ended up on Norco 10/325 6x day and Methadone 10mg. The Methadone was added to help keep the blood levels more steady thruout the day. Meth is actually a good pain med for some people, but it's really hard to detox from.

    Anyway, I've shared my story here many times.....went thru detox 11 mos ago and cleaned my system out. I had built up a tolerance and my body was very dependent on dosing every 4 hrs or I'd feel extreme rebound pain. Scary, however I feel much better now, less pain.

    I know it's recommended by some to switch to other Opiates in order for them to keep being effective. I had tried MS Contin at one time, but didn't like it. The Hydrocodone was by far the best med for me. It's wonderful to feel human again, no pain= more energy, better quality of life. I never felt high from it either, just more "normal".

    Good luck to you. You might try searching the board for other posts on this topic, there are zillions of them!
  4. Janalynn

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    Your Dr. is just bumping you up a bit. Not that much actually - but the increase should help or hopefully will I should say. To say you won't hurt and will have energy? I dont know about that. That all depends on how one reacts to meds in the first place.

    I was on Norco for a while, then Pain Mgmt Dr. put me on Percocet (oxycodone) because it is a bit stronger.
  5. loto

    loto Member

    I'm thinking that's what he should put me on and just skip the Norco 10. But we'll see.

    My doctor wrote the script last Friday, but of course I am not allowed to get it filled until this Friday, because that is the stupid 10 day rule, even though the script has changed to a higher mg, I can't have it until then. It's really irrititating me because my FM pain is so bad, and worse pain from the carpal tunnel is added to that!
    UGH! I wish so bad we all didn't have this pain to deal with.


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