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    Hi I have not been around latly too much going on. Ben going to the doctors about sugery again I have had too many too count but I do have question for everyone I have Fibro Asthma Osteoporosis Depression and on and on I found out about Osteop. after Ibroke my ankle it has never been the same But my question is does any one eles have this and do you find more pain with it I am confussed what pain is what ? Help Confussed Help BSHLEEN
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    I also have osteoporosis. It is very bad at this point. The nurse at my Rhuemy's office told me to be very careful...because I could even break a rib...if I put too much pressure on it.

    They have tried me on all of the osteoporosis meds....but I have severe reaction to can't take them.

    They are suppose to be able to stop the progression of the disease. Maybe you can take them?!

    At this time I just take my magnesium and calcium and pray that I don't fall!

    I also have asthma...actually been DX with COPD.

    Oh...yes...I do think it makes the pain worse. But, I also have it could be that?!

    God bless....MamaR
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    I always fell I am so all alone I too have arthris too From A bad accident Hip ankle both knees arm dislocated sholder and i fall soo easy the pain is every wear everytime I go to the pain clinc they ask me wear the pain is all I can say is wear it don't hurt It is so depressing thank you Hugs BSHLEEN
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    and try to check on the osteoporosis meds when you go back to your doc. Maybe they could help you.

    Big hug...........MamaR

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    I certainly hope you are on something like Fosamax or Actonel to help your bones.

    I have osteoporosis and I take the Fosamax Weekly. There is a monthly pill out now, too. I also take Calcium with Vit.D twice a day.

    I also have osteoarthritis all over my body, fibro, and lupus.

    After you broke your ankle, did one of your docs send you for a Bone Density test? You need to have one to see what shape your bones are actually in.

    You should also have an MRI of your entire spine to see if you have any compression fractures from your osteoporosis. Some of your pain may be coming from your spine.

    My left knee has osteoarthritis and is also osteoporodic. I recently had a cortisone shot put in it and it really helps with the pain.

    With osteoporosis, you also need to be walking with a cane to help support you.

    I broke my foot a couple years ago due to it and it has never been the same either--arthritis has really set in it.

    Back to your question of where the pain is .... it's probably from a combination of your arthritis and your fibro. The osteoporosis pain is NORMALLY silent, UNLESS you have some "compression fractures" in your back. Then, they ARE painful. My Mother-in-law didn't know she had so many in her back until they did an MRI or CAT scan to figure out her source of pain. And .. that's what they found... fractures that she did not know she had!

    I hope you are under the care of a GOOD Rheumatologist! You certainly need to be.

    Hope this has helped,

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    I had a Bone Density Test about a year ago and it showed osteopenia in my spine and hips. I've been losing weight since being off Prednisone, I've been eating healthier since I had food stamps and now SSDI, and I've been walking and getting out more since I've been getting pain meds.
    BUT, I had a free bone density test this week and I've lost another inch of height and the osteopenia in my spine has progressed to osteoporosis!
    I see my Doc early next month and the technician gave me a list of the meds and other treatments to show him. I'm distressed about this since I thought I was doing all those preventive things.
    Anyway, for anyone living in or close to Seattle, they're doing free testing at the Women's Clinical Research Center - 206-522-3330 EXT 112.

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    I was diagnosed in June 2005 with a -2.8 in my spine. I could not take the pills because of the digestive disorders I have from a bad gallbladder that was removed in January 2005. I take a daily injection of Forteo to regrow bone and I have noticed no side effects. It is expensive, $700.00 monthly without insurance, I have double insurance so I only pay $50.00.

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    I have it too, for a while, had osteopena but after a fall I had in early April ( I fractured my hip and broke my wrist at work, landed on my back, luckily I didn't do anything to that!)anyway, after another bone density test, it was determine that I had Osteoporisis. They put me on Fosomax. I have been taking all along calcium tablets and Vit. D.