question about pins and needles tingling??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sabimax, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. sabimax

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    hey all, posted here a bit...newly dx with fibromyalgia..from a MS specialist...and still wondering if only fibro....but have a question

    so do you get tingling pins and needles sensations?? if you do what meds or things do you do for it??

    does your sx flare with heat, humidity, and stress?? heat as in hot shower, or exercise??

    well just curious to meet some with fibro that have this me feel that the diagnaosis might be right lol...tkae care all thanks,sarah
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    And yes, it is absolutely a common problem with Fibromyalgia. Stress is a huge factor in all fibro symptoms, as a change in temperature or humidity. So yes, it could be from the fibro. I used to get really scared when I had the neuropathic symptoms because they can be the sign of a herniated disc, or other serious problem. It took a couple of MRI's and specialists to convince me that there was "nothing wrong" Well, until I was diagnosed with fibro - now I know what's wrong, just not how to fix it!

    I understand your second guessing the diagnosis. Obviously they should have tested you for anything else that may be causing your symptoms, to put everyone's mind at ease.

    It took me a few months after diagnosis, doing tons of research of my own, before I accepted my diagnosis. Do some more research on your symptoms, and fibro symptoms & see if you think they match up. Can't hurt to do your own research!

    Good luck!

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    Did the doc verify if you were deficient in any vitamins? My doc checked them all and I have pernicious anemia. So I take B12 sublingual drops under the tongue. When I got out of the hospital last Oct. after suffering seizures due to an infection I had tingling in my feet for a few weeks. Its gone now so Im assuming it was due to my immune system having been dragged down so long and the antibiotics probably zapped all my vitamins and minerals.
  4. sabimax

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    they tested my vitamins 6 years ago, 4 years ago..and last year...tested all sorts of tests....then the MRIs cause wonder about MS....I have done lots of fibro research..but some of my symptoms..dont sound fibro...only...thanks,sarah
  5. sabimax

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    thanks, mine tend to get bout yours?? real painful...irritating....going to see dr soon..about what I can do for all these symptoms....take care, sarah