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    Hello I had a brief question here.

    As I currently live with my family and well they will be retiring soon and be receiving social security so for me, that means they would have no have income except for social security. So would that help me to be able to get welfare, food stamps, etc? I am still trying to figure out what to do.

    I will be moving in the middle of next year as well and the place I will have, will be in my name, so I think that will help in me gaining more assistance while I wait for SSI/SSDI and fighting for disability assistance to make a decision about me.

    I am trying to plan things out for myself and trying to figure out how to pack as my room is so disorganized stuff, ooooy darn fibro.

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    I'm not sure what to tell you about your situation, as I don't know the laws in your state. But I can tell you that if your doctor signs paperwork saying you are too sick to work, you can get assistance through your local DHS (I hope). I know it's hard when you don't have children to get help, but please try. The wait for disability is long and ridiculous!


    PS, you are very pretty, you should be a model!
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    Thank you so much for your message and you know I am considering going into modeling but I need to have a portfolio done and pound the pavement to find an agency (that is the hard part!). But I want to wait until I get SSDI to help with my medical expenses and such. Plus it costs money to model which I don't have so waiting for the disability kick in would be best.

    I will definitely look at the laws for California to see what they are. It is very hard to get aid without having any children.

    When I move I may consider moving back to LA County as I think I would be able to find doctors closer to me. Then I would also be closer to UCLA to their fibro center and resources there. I will see when the time comes where I will be.

    I believe if I live on my own and do not have any income coming in, I will be able to get welfare and all of that, and assistance with my rent, but I believe my rent would have to be a certain amount It's weird LOL

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    Thank you so much, when I applied the first time I volunteered too much and they asked how much money I had on me, and I had just cashed SDI check soooo lol I didn't make it in getting welfare.

    But I will do that when I go in next year and have already moved into my own place.
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    You are thinking ahead and making plans. You are doing well.

    I can not advise on finances. But maybe give a couple of thoughts on sorting and packing.

    One of our local stores lets you take egg cartons. They are for the store brand eggs, others you can not have. They are sturdy, have lids and hold up very well, stack nicely.(Type that many individual cartons of eggs arrive at store in). No sense in buying many totes.

    Go through every drawer and toss out what you will not need or use. You can have a trash box, give away box and a keep box. In your chest of drawers, put back and undies and socks and such that you will need for now.

    Pack up pictures and albums (scrap type or photo type). Mark every box boldly, so you know what is in them.

    Do same with closets, jewerly boxes and so forth. If you do not have a filing cabinet, consider on buying one. You can use a sturdy box with lid and Label it FILES. Use inexpensiev manilla folders and label each.

    You will need files for medical, warranties, manuals that came with your electronics and such. I am sure you will think of more. Checks?

    Also a box that holds, scissors, first aid things that goes in bathroom, needles and threads. Things that you might need at anytime. Remember a can opener! Flashlight and batteries? Telephone book.

    I am sure that your Mom will probably "toss some things" your way. You have to consider if you really want these things. Some keep sakes can be stored away at first. Like Christmas decorations and wrapping paper? Just Label.

    When you are all moved and if you get bored, take out the box of photo things and organize them. (Something I have been saying I will do for years! LOL). Redo a address book and such.

    Have some one take bag to Salvation Army drop box or a Charity, whatever, for give away things, on a regular basis, so that is out of your way and you will not be as overwhelmed.

    Hopefully you will arrive at your new place all organized and you will be set to settle in at your own pace. Just a little at a time. Just enjoy. It feels good to unclutter.

    Also it is great that you are thinking location. That is important. Makes life easier and more enjoyable.

    It sounds as if you are really thinking and I expect it will go well for you. Just take your time and enjoy your new adventure.

    Oh, you might consider getting one of those collapsible grocery carts for shopping or a bag type on wheels.

    Blessings galore to you...........Susan
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