question about quitting job and unemployment benefits

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    This one is for my adult daughter who is having great difficulty hanging onto a desk job that she feels is killing her.

    Most of y'all probably are not familiar with my postings on this board as I rarely come to the boards these days, mostly posted probably 7,8 years ago. In more recent years my few posts were on my adult daughter's behalf as she is afflicted with .......poor health. I can't say the words for CFS or FM, as they are too vague and also leave one open to dismissal by many. But, that is the only condition I can think of that describes her condition which has hampered her life since middle school. She is now 27 and trying to survive a painful (but well-paying) desk job.

    I am so proud that she was able to get through college and find first jobs all with very little help from me (single parent on SSDI). But she has soldiered on through incredible health issues and feels right now so close to the end of her rope.

    A very brief bio (of her current life): she suffers almost daily from migraines, has had chronic sinus infections solidly for 4 months (finally had surgery but still feels terrible), has high blood pressure, high triglycerides (eats healthfully and is mostly vegetarian), and complains of terrible swelling in her legs. She has been diagnosed with a kind of hearing loss that the doctor says is rare and mostly found in people with autoimmune conditions. I personally think she may have lupus (as my mother did), but she says blood work comes back negative for everything.

    She says that everything is exacerbated by the conditions of her work which require her to sit all day at a computer. She works in close proximity to her boss, so she does not feel comfortable taking the short walking breaks that she thinks would help a little. She HAS talked to her works human resources dept. hoping they will understand her frequent doctor appointments and occasional absences, but there doesn't seem much sympathy or suggestion there.

    My question on her behalf is: Is there any possibility she could quit and be able to get unemployment benefits? I worry that because she has no diagnosis, and doctor's show that there is "nothing wrong", that it will be a no-go. She does NOT want to file for disability, but she thinks that if she could get a less physically constricting job, her condition would not be so bad. Since she barely makes it through a day now, she does not have the ability to do a job search while employed.
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    Is your daughter in California. (I am.) Anyway, you can't get unemployment
    benefits if you quit a job.

    Here are the eligibility requirements. One must:

    Have received enough wages during the base period to establish a claim.
    Be totally or partially unemployed.
    Be unemployed through no fault of his/her own.
    Be physically able to work.

    Be available for work which means to be ready and willing to immediately accept work.
    Be actively looking for work.
    Meet eligibility requirements each week benefits are claimed.
    Be approved for training before training benefits can be paid.

    Your daughter could file for Workers' Compensation benefits on the grounds that
    her work contributed to her condition (rather than caused the condition). This
    would be a difficult case, however, due to the elusive and mysterious medical
    situation. Workers' Compensation is more comfortable dealing with a broken
    arm or a bad back.

    Life is hard enough without having to deal with chronic illnesses. I hope she can
    find some meds, supplements, etc. that will help.

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    your replies and comments.

    I will be sending daughter GSE supplements as it sounds like it should in fact help with her issues. I have sent her so many supplements over the years (via a friend who represents Standard Process) that I think she gets overwhelmed with pills and gives up on regularly taking anything (like me).

    Yes, Jam, it's a sad fact that so many "good" jobs require stamina in front of a computer screen. She says her body's "not built for that". Well, I think nobody is who expects to have long-term good health....but especially for someone challenged in the way she is. She needs to maintain a delicate balance of movement (to maintain circulation, esp. of lymph system) and rest. I know that she had just as hard a time at a fast-paced restaurant job she tried to keep while in college (she walked out on that on in delirium). I really think EVERYONE needs this healthful balance, but especially for someone who has had such weird health issues as she has.....for instance:

    twice in the last few years a routine checkup sent her to emergency appointments with oncologists. Once was for a grape-cluster-like swelling felt in her groin; another time was when black "skid-marks" on the bottom of her feet had been present for several months. In both cases, the doctors suspected possible cancer (lymphatic or melanoma). In each case she saw a specialist within a couple days and the symptoms (which she'd had for months) were GONE by the time she had the attention of a specialist. I can only think that the previous probing by a nurse practitioner caused a lymph draining that alleviated the symptom. That is only a small example of her weird "emergencies" over the years.

    She lives in Oregon, Rockgor. It seems that I remember that someone who had quit their job may be eligible for benefits on a delayed basis, but my (possible) memory is going way back, so have no idea what present day requirements are.

    My honest opinion is that she has a genuine disability, but I honestly think she'd almost rather ... not exist.... than think of herself as that far outside the norm. So sad, because I sure know how she feels.