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    I'd like to know if others that have restless leg syndrome were bothered with it at the onset of Fm or if they did'nt get it until sometime much latter? I was bothered with this until I started taking Baclofen ,now it has stopped.But I did'nt acquire it yutil maybe 3 years ago. I was DX with FM in 1990. Thanks for your replied. God Bless...Danisue
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    restless leg syndrome came on when I was a teenager, and throughout my adult life. I was a healthy individual until about 2 years ago, diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia then.

    I didnt have a name for it, the restless leg. I never knew there was a name for it. I get a creepy crawly sensation in my legs, and this intense urge to have to move them, walk.

    Its caused alot of sleep problems for sure.
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    Hi Danisue~~I'm 53 and have suffered with RLS off & on all my life. My legs would ache, and I couldn't keep my legs still--would end up walking up & down the hallway for hours, and then have to go to work.

    Two years ago, my doctor prescribed .5mgs of klonopin for me to take one at night, and I no longer suffer from it and get much better sleep and am less still & sore in the mornings.

    Hope you continue to do well. Best Wishes, Carol...