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    Hi there,

    Not exactly sure how to phrase this question....

    Ok, are Transfer Factors safe to take if you do NOT have one of the pathogens targeted?

    For example if you took the TF Mycoplus how can you guarantee that you are not getting any actual Mycoplasma in there? I ask because if you had one type only and took it you obviously would be getting TF targeted against other types.

    I'm sure that there is an obvious answer for this but I just can't get my head around it, sorry if this is a very stupid question!


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    Transfer Factors work like the colostrum a baby gets when breastfeeding. It is not the breast milk itself but a milky like substance that comes out prior to the milk.

    Let's say the mom has been exposed to the polio vaccine and has antibodies against polio. So, the baby gets her immunity which lasts for about 1 month (if I remember correctly). The baby has never had polio yet doesn't get sick from nursing.

    What we are getting are not actual mycoplasms but the antibodies to the mycoplasm.

    To put it another way. Let's say I have EBV. My immune system to fight the EBV makes specific antibodies that will fight the EBV. That is what you get in the TF's. You get a "factor" that causes your body to recognise the virus and fight it. If you do not have the virus then no fighting.

    Chisholm Lab's phone number if you need to talk to them. 1-803 663 9618.

    No such thing as a stupid question!

    Darn, I need to read these bios before I write!!! It would be quite a phone bill for you to call from England. So, If you would like me to call Chisholm Lab...I will be glad to do so...just post.

    You are quite the athelete!! That 14 pounds a day is about $125 a week here. That can't be good. I hate this DD.

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    Thanks Spacee,

    That explanation is how I understood TF works, but good to have it confirmed. I am sure TF is safe, i'd just like to know exactly how they prevent the live pathogens from getting into the product along with the transfer factors, or even why that doesn't happen!

    I did read around but hadn't found anything specific, thanks for the lab number I may give them a call, no sense in you paying for it, though I really appreciate the offer, it's very kind!

    Glad to hear the TF is working for you ( just read your profile), I am going to try the TF560 and possibly Mycoplus soon.

    Not sure I would describe myself as an athlete at the moment, I think it was a factor in the severity of my viral illness. Heavy training supresses the immune system (glutathione depletion may play a big part) and I was doing sometimes over 40 hours a week, regularly 25 hours and 12 hours on 'rest' weeks. I think the ideal for health gains alone is along the lines of the 7 hours you were doing. I hope to be well enough to ride my bike and run in the future, but we'll see. I do miss the freedom and the feeling of being very fit, it is the exact opposite feeling to CFS!

    Nice photo in the avatar btw, where is that? Italy?
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    We pay a "flat" rate to call long distance and talk 24/7. So, keep that in mind.

    My sis (identical twin) had CFS and recovered. Her labs from Dr. Cheney (the famous researcher of CFS) showed that she was low in glutathone. So, wondering if you have tried some of the supplements for that. N. Acetyl Cystiene is one (I will have to check on that). In fact, you might try posting about it on the other board and seeing what info you get.

    I tried NAC but I have a bladder/kidney problem that she didn't have. NAC makes me inflammed from one end to the other.

    The pic...most people think Italy. It is from Istanbul, Turkey. Ancient Greek Orthodox church, turned Mosque (pic then covered), turned museum. Now they are trying to uncover the Greek pics. Tourist money ?? :)

    I have never been to your side of the world but my 3 sons have and one of them made it to Turkey this past summer.
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    Hi Spacee,

    I had a closer look and found some interesting info. Apparently 'advanced filtration technology' is used to eliminate viral particles etc

    I was still wondering how this was achieved and it seems that the TF molecules are much smaller than even viruses. In fact viruses seem to be 200 - 300 times the molecular weight of TF's.

    It's not that I thought they may not be safe, I just like to know how things are done!

    Interesting what you say about your twin sister also having CFS, although I guess it would take a large study of twins separated at birth to determine the environmental/genetic thing scientifically! I know they have done studies like this for major illnesses, not CFS though I don't think. I doubt there would be a large enough sample to make such a study meaningful. It must be very encouraging that your sister recovered though, to know that your body CAN recover must be a big boost!

    I am taking NAC, I am sure I was very low in glutathione even before I became ill. I am also taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and eating lots of asparagus. I have only just started though to I imagine it would take a few weeks minimum to see any results.

    I have never been to Turkey but the first book I was able to read this past summer was about a guy who walked from Cap Finistere in Spain to Istanbul following the mountain ranges of Europe. It took two years!!
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    This is my true story. On this board I found out that Kutapressin was no longer being manufactured. There is talk here about transfer factor. I am visiting my mother in another state and I tell her that Kuta isn't going to be available and there is talk about TF's. But I am skeptical.

    She says, "I have the general right her in my refrigerator"
    TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT." So, I did. In fact, I took two at a time. And could tell a difference and ordered the targeted TF.

    Some kind of research. Huh?

    Well, this is America...the land of support groups, self help books and.....Twin Studies!!!!! Yep, the University of Washington (state not Washington D.C.) has done a big time study of twins with CFS. 300 sets were the total. Twin and I were part of the filling out the kazillion questionnaires part.

    Then they brought twins to the university to study them. One had to be sick and the other well. Frankly, I knew that the study was flawed because they only got twins who could travel there. They were hoping to find a psycholocial problem but couldn't. So, not too much was written about the study. That is America too....(cover up what you don't want people to know). You UKer's are good at that too :)

    BTW. I have a son and wife living in England. He is studying 16th Century History. Not too many people interested in that timeperiod at the present. Lucky for him. I think.


  7. Clouddead

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    Wow, that's pretty amazing. Shame people of both sides of the Atlantic seem determined to prove we are all a load of fakers, huh!?

    Interesting too about the TF. I know Kutapressin is now Nexavir, I have a pharmacist friend looking into that one. Pretty rare you hear of a natural 'drug' with no s/e's being effective.

    I'm still thinking that if HHV-6 isn't to blame in my case, Bartonella could be the culprit. I won't have anymore info on anything until Tuesday though!

    You're right, it's definately a bonus to study a period few other people are. As a lazy History grad I usually studied C19th or C20th topics, including Yugoslavia in the 1990's. Vastly more reading material tends to make things much easier I'm afraid to say. Having said that I found archaeology and anthropology pretty cool, you can really be creative there......
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    the comparative merits of different-brand TFs.

    but I would point out that the TFs here are not the only ones on the market.

    I use Immunity Today stuff....dunno if it's any better than the stuff available here. Sure is more expensive tho..

    just fyi....

    Also, Cloudead: is Bartonella a bacterial infection... and if u have it.. how do u intend to treat?

  9. deliarose

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    u know u can test for intracellular glutathione levels to see if u do have depleted glutathione.

    The glut IVs seem to be helping me, altho they do wipe me out for a day or so.

  10. deliarose

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    someone posting on another forum... said dr cheney had prescribed nexavir paste for them....

    I asked my doc about this.. at least about Nexavir per se..and he was reluctant to Rx.. ...maybe he was waiting to see the effect of the TF...

  11. spacee

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    Wonder how Nexivir paste would work? Absorbed by the blood stream from the skin, I suppose.

    Don't forget, friends, that one Dr. uses Olive Leaf Extract with Transfer Factors. Olive Leaf (as you probably know) kills viruses, fungi and parasites.

  12. spacee

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    One of my twin's son's is interested in 19th C. And I find that I am more drawn to early 20th. Our kids are genenectly (?)half brothers since our gene's are identical.

    I was thinking about that man who took the two year walk and all the things that he must have seen along the way. That's the kind of life I would have liked to live.

    D.H. Lawrenence walked the Alps to Italy and he had TB. Certainly that must have helped him to live longer.

    One last personal note, my oldest son is a Philosophy grad. Then decided to get a PhD to teach. And he had to do a math model of the brain. It was so difficult that if his lab partner had not been a math major, he would have not passed. He said, "You can't BS math like you can Philosophy." "Creative thinking" :)

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    Hello again Delia,

    Thanks for the TF info, I was vaguely aware of other brands; it would indeed be interesting to see a study.

    Bartonella is a bacteria, you can contract it from a tick bite or from a cat (or rarely dog). Usually it's self limiting in immuno competent people but can cause lingering illness. It causes fever, swollen nodes (this is what 'cat scratch disease' is famous for, caused by Bartonella) ear pain, neuro symptoms, pain in soles of feet and, from memory, can sometimes be accompanied by a distinctive rash of long red striations under the skin.

    I have every symptom except the rash and foot pain, my test was 'non-active but it was taken 4 months after my acute illness and the test is notoriously unreliable, and I have been exposed to cats, and bitten and scratched. My sister has 2 and my girlfriend has one as well.

    If the TF 560 does nothing I will concentrate on Bartonella ask for antibiotics. It can be impossible to eradicate but usually only in those who also have Lyme etc

    I would ask for a combo of 2 antibiotics. Done a fair bit of research and Doxycicline and Rifamprin seems the best bet. It can take months but results should be seen in weeks apparently. The added bonus is that a lot of things would be susceptible to this combo, and it should be safe if I do it right. Of course persuading my GP is never easy, she prefers to see at as a mystery with no cause or cure!! She does listen though to be fair.

    I have considered the glutathione test but it seems cheaper at the moment to assume I am deficient and boost it. Also, I read a long article about the effect of endurance exercise on gluatathione levels. A bout of exercise over 90 minutes depletes it massively so I'm guessing all those 7 and 8 hour training rides took a fair toll. It also seems like something it's good to get enough of, assuming your body can metabolise it.

    Spacee, I have been taking OLE for a few weeks and noticed absolutely nothing I'm afraid! The book I was talking about is called 'Clear Waters Rising' and is by Nicholas Crane it's a good read. I'm reading a book at the moment which contends that in terms of evolution we are living in ways which our body is simply not adapted for. The author makes a lot of fairly complex points that basically come down to the fact that we are designed to eat a diet low in refined sugar and meat and do massive amounts of endurance exercise. Not an option with this illness unfortunately as fat as exercise goes.

    I always avoided subjects like Maths when I could!

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  14. spacee

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    I am still amazed at how you grasp what is going on in your body. Congrats on that.

    I ordered the Clear Water Rising from Amazon. Sounds quite interesting. The last thing I ordered from Amazon ( a weighted body bar for exercise class), spent 10 days in Orlando going from one Fedex hub to the next. It was so funny to watch it on the tracking. When I would talk to someone from Fedex, they would sound so amazed that they were fouling up so. lol

    Look forward to the book.

    Good luck on your cat scratch bacteria. Remember to take the probiotics, you don't want to get that C. Diff problem. I did and it took months to get over.



    PS, yes it would make sense that we should have a low sugar, high meat diet with lots of exercise/manual labour but agree..not with these illnesses.

    Oh yes, I have never competed in bike racing but I was a competitive swimmer. Had a freestyle relay that was the state champs of Alabama. Two sets of twins on the relay. So much fun. It feels incredibly good to be able to exercise again. Wish that everyone could find a way there.

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  15. Clouddead

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    I hope you enjoy the book Spacee, I've read so much in the last few months, more than I have in the previous couple of years combined!

    Did you know you can order TF from Amazon, including 560?

    Glad to hear you can swim again, like you say that is a big boost.
  16. Mikie

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    Cells in the body transfer info regarding invasion by pathogens. Scientists have figured out how to extract this transfer info without extracting the harmful pathogens themselves.

    It's like if I called you and told you there were burglaries in the neighborhood. This would cause you to set your burglar alarm and no burglar could enter without setting off your alarm. If the alarm were to sound, you would be armed and ready to kill any intruder intending to do you harm. My call wouldn't cause a burglary to happen.

    This may sound like a silly way to explain it but it's all I could come up with.

    Love, Mikie
  17. JolieLuLu

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    I just started taking valtrex for high EBV titers. I just assumed Valtrex would supress HHV-6 also but the more I researched i realized this is not so. I was thinking about taking olive leaf and hopefully a TF for HHV-6.

    Any suggestions/input is appreciated!

    Love and Light,
  18. deliarose

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    i take a transfer factor for HHV6 and EBV. I don't know if I have both of these.. Immune Care 64 from immunity today.

    Expensive, but this is what my doc recommended.

  19. JolieLuLu

    JolieLuLu New Member

    Do you get your TF from the store here? Have you seen results from the TF, or antivirals?

    Love and Light,
  20. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    the TF I use is Immunity Today's Immune Care 64. Supposed to be effective v. EBV and HHV6.

    Pretty expensive compared to the TFs available here (dunno about the price of the stuff available on seems to be workign for me.

    Been on it 2.5 months. Doc said I should see signifiicant improvement in 6 months. I'm already really pleased by the progress I have made.

    I tried Valtrex for 1 month.. before switching to the TF (cos of change of doc) and that seemed to help with the brain fog too.

    But I can't make any meaningful comparison of the Valtrex vs. TF, cos wasn't on teh Valtrex that long.

    As Spacee said, I would expect a pretty strong reaction to teh Valtrex plus TF.. at least initially.

    NOt sure if that is the best way to go. Can't say.

    Good Luck