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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tmprincess, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    I've been experiencing dry and salty lips for the past few days. I started on Sea Vegg a few weeks ago, and wonder if this could have anything to do with it!??!

    I get plenty of water each day... about 75-100 oz. I've also been on a low sodium diet.

    Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated!

  2. tlc8858

    tlc8858 New Member

    I have never taken it, but was thinking of trying. Have you noticed any good benefits from it yet. I'd like to know how it is working for you.
  3. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member


    This is only my 4th week on it, an i've been gradually increasing my dose. I just now today reached 3 capsules a day. So, I'm sure i'm still in the detox phase and haven't been on it long enough to share any real success stories yet.

    Though, the detox is getting better I must say! The fist two weeks where rough!! I had the worse migraine i've had in a year... Lasted 6 days. Three days were really bad at a level 10 and NOTHING touched the pain. Not even my imitrex. I also had the worse flare up to date so far.

    I was afraid that would happen with each dose increase, but thank goodness it did not! Actually, before daily headaches had not been uncommon for me; but i have noticed less headaches the last couple weeks! Knock on wood!!.... However, i did start Storm's shake the same week. So, in all fairness its hard to know which to give credit to for that.... I've also, noticed that the original knot/pain at the base of my skull/neck where all this started, does not throb AS severely.

    You should give it a try! I'm not expecting a miracle in a bottle... but, if nothing else it's a good and healthy supplement!

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  4. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member


    Your probably right that i am still detoxing, as this is only week 4. I have not been sweating a lot... though i wish i could!

    Actually, sweating has always been a challenge for me. As a kid/teenager i did not sweat at all. And as a teenager this was something i prided myself on. LOL* As a young adult it took a whole lot to break a sweat... like run more than 2 or 3 miles, or work out hard for an hour. And even then it was only localized.... My chest and just below my breast.

    In my mid to late 20's it became a concern for me, and i would use the sauna as a means to sweat and detox. Even then it took a good 45 min to be of any use. Unfortunately, with the migraines i have not been able use the sauna, as heat is a major trigger! The most i can stand a hot bath even is just 10 min. before my head feels like its going to explode.

    Do you think its possible for the salt in my system to still come out even though i'm not sweating?

    At least i don't have to worry about CRAVING salt... Its always on hand. Or shall i say lips! LOL*

  5. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    I started getting RLS really bad. After evaluating my diet, i realized that my sodium intake was extremely high. I thought i was eating pretty healthy at the time... but, a lot of things were prepackaged and canned. Like certain meals that called for tomatoes, instead of real tomatoes, i'd use canned tomatoes.

    I used to only look at calories, fat grams, and carbs... never at the sodium!! I couldn't believe how much extra sodium i was taking in... no wonder i was having RLS!!

    So, i order the Himalayan Salts from Dr. Mercola and switched my diet to completely organic. The RLS has since calmed down... so has hubby's, as this was something he has fought for years!! So, we are still getting salt, just far less and a much healthier kind for us : )

    Do you take your salt in any special form Storm? or just through your diet? and how much do you aim for?

  6. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Yes! I too have always preferred salty foods over sweets!... so this is quit the adjustment for me!!!

    I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, my organs and skin will start to get the nutrients they need as my body starts to adjust over the coming months : )

    Thanks again for your replies! Your such a huge source of knowledge and inspiration! ; )


    p.s. I'm aiming to work your entire regiment into my diet eventually, but just taking it real slow as you suggested.

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